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Many Retailers are Reporting Increased Sales with Strong Emphasis on Lab Grown Diamonds

Check out GN Diamond’s new lab created diamond studs and diamond jewelry.




Many Retailers are Reporting Increased Sales with Strong Emphasis on Lab Grown Diamonds

(PRESS RELEASE) While consumers continue to focus on their loved ones this holiday season, shoppers are still turning to timeless luxury items like diamonds and fine jewelry, and now lab created diamonds for both bridal and fashion jewelry like diamond studs, tennis bracelets and pendants.

According to diamond sales expert Shane Decker, independent jewelers are selling more than ever before, popular items continue to be diamond studs and larger bridal pieces like 2-5 carat diamonds. Shane always instructs, “Never sell out of your own pocket”, and “never keep selling”. The extra “add on” sales can certainly be rewarding. Fueled in part by a surge in millennial and Gen Z shoppers in the market for fine jewelry, the 2021 holiday season presents an amazing opportunity for stores that are prepared.

3 Ways to Attract Big Holiday Sales

Before you take any other steps, the most important thing you can do to attract and close sales this season is include a virtual diamond inventory on your website. Many consumers will at least start their shopping online, if they don’t do all of it from the comfort of home.

Diamond Hunt, GN Diamond’s white-label online diamond listing and search tool,  makes it easy to display a complete inventory on your website with your own branding and markups. Shoppers can access and share 360-degree views of every diamond with light performance analysis, Gemprint ID, and GIA certification. With this online inventory in place, you’re ready to work these three tips for attracting big holiday sales:


1. Update your inventory now and include an inventory of Lab Grown Diamonds.

A skimpy, dated inventory is a sure way to turn shoppers away ― especially big spenders who want something truly special for their money. Stock up on a range of cuts and carats, and have plenty of popular add-on items, like studs, on hand. Diamond Hunt gives you instant access to GN’s entire $80 million inventory of over 5,000 loose certified GIA and EGL USA diamonds.

Explore GN Diamond’s new Lab Grown Diamond inventory. Available in all shapes and sizes at incredible prices. Factors that set GN’s lab grown diamonds apart

  • Our direct partnership with Diamond Foundry located in the USA. Their rough is produced in the USA which effects the quality of the final product. It is cleaner and whiter.
  • We are a direct source yielding the best prices.
  • Don’t be fooled with higher discounts that may reflect weaker grading.
  • Unlike other vendors, we have all shapes, sizes and varieties of color.
  • 5 Star Energy Efficient. Cleaner process, less pollution, Solar Powered instead of natural gas and oil.

2. Use the experience, not price, to sell.

Lead with your most impressive items and don’t use discounts to sell. Give shoppers a powerful online and in-store experience that is centered on the customer and their aspirations. Motivate them with the spirit of the season and the value of lasting memories, and you won’t need to slash prices.

3. Host virtual events for top buyers.


Treat your loyal customers to special events that show how much you value them. Offer first or exclusive access to custom designs, provide a live showcase of your 2021 gift guide, or ask them what they want to see and customize the event.

Luxury Sales Made Simple

The GN Diamond Sales Platform is free, intuitive to learn, and backed by expert training and support to help you take full advantage of every feature. From the Diamond Hunt digital sales presentation portal, to valuable sales and marketing resources, all of our tools are designed to empower independent jewelers to compete in-store and online.

Learn more about the many advantages of the GN Diamond platform at and speak to a representative 7 days a week at or 800-724-8810.



Time for More “Me Time”? Time to Call Wilkerson

Rick White, owner of White’s & Co. Jewelry in Rogers, Ark., knew it was time to retire. Since the age of 18, jewelry had been his life. Now it was time to get that “me time” every retailer dreams about. So, he chose Wilkerson to manage his going-out-of-business sale. White says he’d done plenty of sales on his own, but this was different. “Wilkerson has been a very, very good experience. I’ve had the best salespeople in the history of jewelry,” he says. “I recommend Wilkerson because they are really the icon of the jewelry business and going-out-of-business sales. They’ve been doing it for decades. I just think they’re the best.”

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