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Marketing Engagement Rings to Gay Couples Shows Your Inclusivity




Most people assume selling an LGBT couple their engagement or wedding jewelry is different from selling to a heterosexual couple. However, in my experience, it is exactly the same. When it comes to marketing wedding jewelry, it’s as simple as making and selling beautiful, quality pieces, no matter the couple. Whether a client is looking for a diamond engagement ring or a simple gold band, we know that we have what they’re looking for. We have always had members of the LGBT community who are loyal and dedicated clients, referring many new clients to us as well. In addition, our recent marketing campaign has expanded our client base by making it obvious to a greater number of people that we are more supportive of our area’s LGBT community than any other jewelry store in our area.

Last October, we ran a television commercial promoting engagement jewelry that targeted the LGBT community. The video, which was sexy, slick and relatively inexpensive, has been viewed more than 48,000 times on Facebook and almost 25,000 times on YouTube. It has been seen all over the world and we’ve received many positive emails congratulating us on the commercial.

Overall, we’re happy to say our advertisement has received an amazingly positive response from our current clients and has brought us an incredible new customer demographic. The majority of the phone calls we receive about the commercial are positive, but there are, of course, the handful of negative ones. It was the same story on YouTube, where the ad received 102 likes and two dislikes.

Still, we recognized that making one of the first jewelry advertisements featuring an LGBT couple was risky, and we were expecting a response much more negative than the one we got. What we hear most is that people are happy that we weren’t afraid to take a chance for what we (and apparently many others) truly believe in. We are confident that we are the first stop for LGBT couples choosing their wedding jewelry in the Reno-Tahoe area. And we couldn’t be happier. 

Britten Wolf is co-owner with his wife,
Michelle, of BVW Jewelers in Reno, NV, a top-five winner in the 2015 America’s Coolest Jewelry Stores’ Small Cool division.

This article originally appeared in the l?q=is-08-16/“ >August 2016 edition</a> of INSTORE.</strong> </small></p>




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