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Master Goldsmith Eric Seiler from Ventura Dies

He downplayed the severity of his illness with his subtle dry humor.




Eric Seiler

Eric Seiler

(PRESS RELEASE) Eric Seiler was born September 11, 1950 in Thun, Switzerland to Heidy Widmer and Erich A. Seiler. Soon, Eric had a new brother Arthur and after a few more years, they moved to Tasmania, Australia where he gained 2 more brothers, Bruno and Armin. They moved back to Switzerland for a while and received another opportunity, to immigrate to Ventura, California, USA. Eric attended High School for a few years in Ventura, then returned to Switzerland to start a trade and serve in the Swiss Military Reserve. He returned to the US in 1973, for vacation and married Colleen Yeto, returning to Switzerland with his wife to finish his apprenticeship. After completing this, Eric and his wife, returned to Ventura where he worked at Albert’s Jewelers with Kent Van Gundy, until his Family came a year later and opened Ventura Swiss Jewelers. Eric worked along with his 3 other brothers, becoming a Master Jeweler in no time and is best known for his beautiful work, honesty, love for travel, and his dry sense of humor.

Eric and his wife have a son born in, 1979, Erich Dain Seiler, who has kept up the family profession and works in Salt Lake City, Utah. Eric, also, proudly became an American Citizen in 1986. Eric and his wife parted ways in 1992, but he kept up his wanderlust ways and continued to travel the world with his longtime girlfriend from Simi Valley, CA, Taeko Bowden.

Overwhelmed with many memories, and overcome with grief; he will be missed. Eric has passed but his spirit will live on in those of us he touched.

He downplayed the severity of his illness with his subtle dry humor, which now have become such fond memories.




It Was Time to Make a Decision. It Was Time to Call Wilkerson.

Except for a few years when he worked as an accountant, Jim Schwartz has always been a jeweler. He grew up in the business and after “counting beans” for a few years, he and his wife, Robin, opened Robin James Jewelers in Cincinnati, Ohio. “We were coming to a stage in our life where we knew we have to make a decision,” says Jim Schwartz. He and Robin wanted to do it right, so they called Wilkerson. The best surprise (besides surpassing sales goals)? “The workers and associations really care about helping us move out own inventory out of the store first. It was very important to us.”

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