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Metal Alchemist Launches First Charitable Initiative, Alchemy for Armenia, with Cher, Carolyn Rafaelian and Eric Esrailian

Alchemy for Armenia will raise funds to restore the historic Etchmiadzin Cathedral and the Khor Virap Monastery and Church Complex in Armenia.




Metal Alchemist Launches First Charitable Initiative, Alchemy for Armenia, with Cher, Carolyn Rafaelian and Eric Esrailian

(PRESS RELEASE) RHODE ISLAND — Metal Alchemist, a new jewelry brand from Carolyn Rafaelian that combines ancient alchemy and modern artistry to access the power of metal, announced its first charitable initiative, Alchemy for Armenia, in partnership with Cher and Eric Esrailian, physician, film producer and entrepreneur. Unified by heart, heritage and faith, Rafaelian, Cher and Esrailian have created Alchemy for Armenia to elevate the visibility of Armenian culture, while raising funds to support some of the most significant and sacred places in the world.

Alchemy for Armenia’s initial project will preserve, restore, and create awareness for Etchmiadzin, the oldest cathedral in the world dating back to 303 AD, and the Khor Virap Monastery and Church Complex, which is constructed near Mount Ararat and is considered to be the birthplace of Christianity in Armenia. To raise funds for the critical restoration, Metal Alchemist created a special edition Alchemy for Armenia Posy Wire bracelet engraved with the first words of the Lord’s Prayer “Our Father” in Armenian, “Հայր մեր.” One hundred percent of the profits from the sale of the Posy Wire bracelet will be donated to the Armenian Apostolic Church for the restoration and preservation of Etchmiadzin and the Khor Virap Monastery and Church Complex.

“There are times in our lives that connect us so deeply to something much bigger than ourselves. This is one of those moments for me—to be a part of this restoration and preservation of two of the holiest places on earth,” said Metal Alchemist founder Carolyn Rafaelian. “I am honored to be working side-by-side with my partners Cher and Eric, who share the same love and passion for our faith, heritage, and our ancient culture.”

“There is so much beauty in Armenia, and preserving and restoring the Etchmiadzin Cathedral and Khor Virap will also preserve the rich faith, history and culture of the country,” said Cher. “It’s important that future generations are able to visit and appreciate this historic church. My Armenian roots are a huge part of who I am, and I am thrilled to be a part of such a worthwhile cause.”

Considered to be the oldest church in the world, Etchmiadzin was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 and remains one of the most visited sites in Armenia. The cathedral is now at a critical point and is in need of restoration and preservation. As the Patron Saint of Armenia, St. Gregory the “Illuminator” is revered as a universal luminary who formally established the Armenian Apostolic Church. He was cruelly imprisoned at Khor Virap, but he persevered because of his faith, and spread Christianity to Armenia. Funds raised from Alchemy for Armenia will provide much needed financial support toward the restoration and preservation of these sacred sites.

“I am honored to do what I can to raise awareness about Armenian culture and history and to support Armenian people everywhere. My faith is particularly important to me, and Armenians have relied on the Armenian Apostolic Church for centuries,” said Eric Esrailian. “Giving back to the community has always been a priority for me, and I am so grateful to join my dear friends Carolyn and Cher in the effort to protect these holy sites.”


Metal Alchemist creates wearable, energetic tools made with metals refined and forged to alchemical standards through an innovative proprietary bonding process. The special edition Alchemy for Armenia Posy Wire bracelet is inspired by the coveted posy rings of medieval times, and the design is meant to enhance the sentiment of the engraved message for the wearer.

Metal Alchemist is also launching an ongoing initiative to support the Armenian community indefinitely through Alchemy for Armenia called Bonded to Benefit: Project Armenia. This ongoing initiative features the Bonded Silver and Trialchemy cuffs and rings that are engraved with Mount Ararat. Twenty percent of Metal Alchemist’s profits from this initiative will also go toward the restoration and preservation of Etchmiadzin and Khor Virap, and continued donations will be made thereafter to support the Armenian community and Armenian nonprofit organizations for years to come.

The special edition Alchemy for Armenia Posy Wire bracelet is available for purchase at Metal Alchemist’s flagship retail location at 156 Reade Street in New York City, as well as a direct-to-consumer website here.

The Bonded to Benefit: Project Armenia collection is available for in-store purchase exclusively at REEDS Jewelers, and online here.



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