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Millennials Demand One-of-a-Kind Natural Diamonds

Satisfy savvy customers with GN DIAMOND’s extensive natural diamond inventory.




(PRESS RELEASE) Despite the hype and marketing buzz around lab-grown diamonds, millennials still want the real thing. In fact, a recent survey revealed that millennials would prefer to buy or receive natural diamond jewelry over clothing, electronics, cosmetics, and more. Even Gen Z ranked naturally-occurring diamonds as highly desirable.

Consumers young and old are increasingly drawn to authentic and organic items that tell a unique story. This is especially true for the 18-39 demographic, who are rejecting synthetic, factory-produced goods in favor of the qualities they value: uniqueness, rarity, and sustainability.

Speak to Millennials’ Core Values
To satisfy meticulous millennials’ demands for natural diamonds that reflect their tastes and standards, emphasize what matters to them in your marketing and sales presentations. Here’s how you can directly address young consumers’ concerns and tie their core values into their purchase:

  • Uniqueness. Natural diamonds are not perfect, and that’s ideal. Millennials don’t want to see airbrushed models in their ads, because they see beauty in diversity and individual quirks. Diamond Hunt, GN Diamond’s white-label online inventory search portal, provides high-res, 360-degree views of each loose diamond, allowing you to showcase the unique character and personality of inclusions and birthmarks.
  • Rarity. Diamonds are valuable and desirable precisely because a finite number of them exist. Millennials see lab-grown diamonds as common and replaceable — hardly the treasured symbol of lasting love they’re looking for. GN Diamond offers an easy-to-use 4 C’s sales presentation that enables you to highlight exactly why each and every natural diamond is so precious.
  • Sustainability. It takes a massive amount of energy to replicate the earth’s heat and pressure. When talking to millennials, you can combat the myth that lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly by explaining that their carbon emissions are 3 times that of natural diamonds. Not only that, but when you stock your inventory from GN Diamond, you can assure customers that their purchase supports independent retailers like you.

Gain $70 million in Natural Diamond Inventory
With Diamond Hunt, GN Diamond gives you access to $70 million in natural diamond inventory displayed on your website with your own branding and markups. With over 5,000 exceptional-quality loose certified diamonds, you can satisfy any millennial who walks through your doors (or finds you online).

Discover the many advantages of GN Diamond at, and speak to a representative 7 days a week at [email protected] or 800-724-8810.


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