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MJSA Launches Career Connections E-Newsletter

The newsletter joins a newly redesigned Jobs Board in an ongoing program for workforce generation and training.




(PRESS RELEASE) Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA), the trade alliance dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and design, has launched a new e-newsletter as part of its Career Connections program to help jewelers find the workers they need—a growing concern among all sectors of the jewelry industry.

Published monthly, the Career Connections e-newsletter promotes recent job openings throughout the jewelry industry to more than 12,000 subscribers, including manufacturers, designers, artisans, bench jewelers, and custom retailers. More information about each opening can be found on MJSA’s newly redesigned Jobs Board on All MJSA Premier members can post openings free of charge.

“Although jewelry sales have been robust throughout the pandemic, the lack of skilled labor is one of the biggest challenges to the industry’s continuing success,” says MJSA President/CEO David W. Cochran. “We have members across all sectors of the industry asking us what they can do to find skilled workers. It’s a nationwide crisis, but through our Jobs Board and now the e-newsletter, we’re helping to address those concerns. We’ve already heard from members who have found new hires thanks to this initiative.”

The Jobs Board and e-newsletter are part of an ongoing Career Connections program sponsored by MJSA and its 501(c)3 subsidiary, the MJSA Education Foundation. Designed to help ensure the industry maintains a qualified, competitive workforce, the program also includes scholarship opportunities for students engaged in jewelry-related training, along with resources for jewelers interested in establishing apprenticeship programs. (The award-winning A Jeweler’s Guide to Apprenticeships, written by Nanz Aalund and published by MJSA Press, provides step-by-step instruction on finding, choosing, and training apprentices.)

To learn more about the work of MJSA and its Foundation, as well as to subscribe to the Career Connections e-newsletter, go to




It’s Going to Set Us Up Very Nicely for Retirement

You’ve worked hard all your life. And if you’re like most jewelers contemplating retirement, you’re hoping that your going-out-of-business sale will add to your nest egg — with minimal complications. That’s exactly what Doug and Jacki Friedrich, fourth-generation owners of Friedrich Jewelers Inc., of Vernon, Conn., experienced when they selected Wilkerson to run their sale. “Jewelers who are contemplating a sale should go with Wilkerson because of their experience,” says Doug. And with financial goals “exceeding expectations,” the couple can now focus on enjoying the next chapter of their lives. “It’s going to set us up very nicely for retirement,” says Jacki. “The money’s coming in and we have no complaints. It’s been wonderful.”

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