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Momento Memories

The fine jewelry collection that saves your memories—Introducing the complete line of Momento Jewelry with NFC

Jewelry is often used to commemorate a special occasion—the love you have for a special person, a marriage, a birthday, an anniversary or a commitment to one’s spiritual beliefs. Because fine jewelry is made from precious materials, it is significant. It is symbolic. Over time, it becomes a cherished heirloom that can be passed from one generation to the next.

But what if a cherished piece of fine jewelry could actually serve as a conduit to the larger memories we hold on our smartphones? This is what Momento™ from Galatea: Jewelry by Artist is designed to do.

Patented Technology

Inside each piece of Momento jewelry is a tiny NFC (near field communications) chip designed to interact with the proprietary Galatea app. When Momento touches any Android phone with NFC or an iPhone from 7 to X, voice messages will play, text messages, images and video links will open. This technology is currently protected by seven international patents and is only available from Galatea.

Easy to Use

The Galatea app is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Apps. Once the app is installed, touch the Android or iPhone to the Momento jewelry. You’ll be able to either record or play a memory—we call them “Gems”—that is unique to the phone on which it is recorded. Click here for a complete user guide.

The Bible Pearl

Using Momento technology, the Bible Pearl™ contains a pre-programmed NFC chip that contains the Daily Audio Bible. Touch it to your smartphone to listen to the day’s reading. The Bible Pearl contains the entire Old and New Testaments in text as well as The Jesus Film—a full-length movie about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Retailer Support

Galatea offers a wide range of marketing materials for all of its Momento Collections, including television and print ads, consumer-facing videos, social media materials, complete displays, posters and more.

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