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More Than Half of Jewelers Cooperate With Other Local Competitors




More Than Half of Jewelers Cooperate With Other Local Competitors


Yes: 53%

  • If we don’t have it or carry it in stock, we definitely refer customers to the other three jewelers in town — they do the same for me — I hate to see a visitor disappointed when something they are looking for is not in stock. Besides, it gives a good impression of the merchants in this small town. — Susan Schube, Avalon Jewelers/Gallery, Zionsville, IN
  • There’s an independent fine jewelry store right across the street from me in our little historical downtown. I send them the people who are looking for engagement rings or want their anklets re-soldered or their diamonds reset. They send me the people who have a shark’s tooth they want wire-wrapped or a bead necklace to be restrung. I like to say Jon’s Fine Jewelry has the “fine” stuff and I have the “fun” stuff! — Janne Etz, Contemporary Concepts, Cocoa, FL
  • If I don’t have it in our store, I do tell them to go to the jeweler up the street because I would much rather give him the business than a mall store or a big box store! Plus he is a nice guy! — Paul Krueger, Krueger Jeweler, Fort Atkinson, WI
  • I love working with other jewelers both in my area and out. We share equipment/technology — one store has a laser welder we use — other jewelers send employees over to learn CAD from our CAD designer. We have a 3D printer that we let other jewelers use. We share marketing ideas and so much more. We need to stick together and help each other out. — Doug Meadows, David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry, Marietta, GA
  • One particular higher-end designer does no repair work or resetting of customers’ gems and refers somewhere between 30-50 quality clients to us annually! — Mark Kasuba, M. Edward Jewelers, Pittfield, MA
  • Recently a shop in a bigger community loved some of our inventory that was not moving in our tiny community. She accepted some inventory, increased the prices, displayed it, and has in 10 days sold four pieces. — Joanna Wurtele, Pointe Coupee Gallery, New Roads, LA
  • We will partner on large diamond purchases from the public and share the profits once sold. We memo non-branded and estate merchandise to each other for greater chances of selling. — Jill Hornik, Jae’s Jewelers, Coral Gables, FL

No: 47%

  • I tried for years to work with my competition but after getting burned too many times, I gave up. Easier to keep to myself. — David Fikse, Gerald’s Jewelry, Oak Harbor, WA
  • That’s just plain stupid to cooperate and help your competitors. Why play nice with the enemy? — James Adair, Adair Jewelers, Missoula, MT
  • I don’t fit in with the community as I am a Northerner in a Southern good old boy network town. — Ira Kramer, The Diamond Exchange of Maryland, Rockville, MD
  • We don’t seem to like each other much. — Dorothy Vodicka, The Gem Collection, Tallahassee, FL
  • I don’t fit their definition of “cool.” — Don Elliott, Elliott Jewelers, Richmond, VA
  • I have lots of discussions with jewelers in other areas of the country through RJO and IJO. They tend to be more open and sharing with ideas. — Jeff Dennis, Jeff Dennis Jewelers, Gardendale, AL

This article originally appeared in the May 2017 edition of INSTORE.


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