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Myndar Brings Its ‘Smart Tag’ Technology to the US




It’s partnering with Pac Team Group.

(Press Release) Radio frequency identification (RFID), also known as “Smart Tag,” technology is rapidly replacing the traditional UPC bar code in the fashion and apparel industries and with the announcement of a new partnership between Myndar and Pac Team Group’s PT Next technology division, this advanced technology is now available to the jewelry, timepiece and accessory industries in North America and South America.INSTORE Myandar

Founded in Hong Kong in 2009, Myndar specializes in the development of IoT devices and solutions leveraging cloud-based applications and big data analysis for multi-door retailers. Through extensive research and development, Myndar has created a unique and approach to its RFID “Smart Tags”, hardware and software designed to maximize retail operation efficiencies and lift overall profitability.

Unlike traditional bar codes that require a scanner to “see” an individual barcode to read it, RFID “Smart Tags” simply need to be within range of a reader allowing multiple tags to be read simultaneously. While RFID technology provides countless benefits, in its simplest form, “Smart Tags” allow retailers to efficiently take an entire store’s inventory accurately and within minutes.

In addition, Myndar has utilized RFID technology to provide retailers the opportunity to garner product and brand information in real time, providing a multitude of advances in areas such as sales training and product positioning. Furthermore, through advanced analytics, retailers can come closer in predicting their customer’s behavior based on stored historical data thus maximizing every sales opportunity. Myndar’s products are currently used by extensive retail networks such as Chow Tai Fook in Asia to manage millions of items daily, starting at the distribution center level and extending to the retail store level.

Though Myndar’s partnership with PT Next, the technology division of Pac Team Group, a global leader in point of sale for the jewelry, watch and luxury industry, Myndar is able to infuse their technology seamlessly within retail environments and fixturing without disrupting the brand’s visual presentation.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Myndar to bring this revolutionary RFID technology, specifically for the jewelry and timepiece industries, to the United States and provide customized solutions and local support in the Americas,” said Eric Zuckerman, president of PT Next and Pac Team Group. “This is a natural fit for our Group, as we are increasingly able to provide our clients new opportunities to make their POS smarter and provide them invaluable insight and control.”


In line with Pac Team’s new partnership with Myndar Americas, Zuckerman announces the recent hiring of retail technology expert Michael Villanueva, who will take the helm of PT Next as senior systems architect. Villanueva brings years of IT experience, having led domestic and offshore business and technology teams in implementing technical architecture. His specific expertise in RIFD technology, including 15 years at retail giant Neiman Marcus designing and deploying technology solutions and RIFD, makes Villanueva a vital addition to Myndar Americas.

For private demonstrations and to learn more, contact Mike McElduff at or 973-768-5314.



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