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Nano-Prisms Are Secret Behind Fire Polish’s Sparkle, and More Products and Services




Sparkling Success

All things being equal, most customers will choose the diamond with the most sparkle, especially when contemplating wedding and engagement jewelry. Fire Polish developed technology that exceeds the sparkle achieved by traditionally faceted stones. The company places thousands of nano-prisms — each far smaller than a human hair — along the pavilion of a diamond to release a spectrum of rainbow colored light. And now there’s a New York-based factory dedicated to creating a supply of those special diamonds, so that they’re an option for anyone.

Stone Study

If you want to understand how to sell to clients, it’s a good idea to know the diamonds and jewelry that reflect their tastes. White PinE, whose services include purchasing diamonds, jewelry and watches from retailers, conducted America’s Diamond and Jewelry Ranking, a report that analyzes ownership across the country. It touches on data like the popularity of various diamond cuts in every state and the locations with the biggest diamonds (Texans go bigger than Virginians, but don’t top Alaskans). The report provides information that helps make smart buying decisions and cocktail party conversation.

Millennial Maker

Matthew Ego’s family has included artisans for more than a century. He’s building on that legacy with his venture Guild+Facet, a fine jewelry manufacturing facility in New Jersey that caters to independent retailers. The 16,000-square-foot space provides real-time feeds that track pieces during production, diamond and gemstone services, three-day turn-around and immediately available products including bridal rings and diamond studs and solitaires. (201) 758-5368

The Studio System

Diamond importer and jewelry manufacturer Star Gems is now making only custom designs with the help of its app, Custom Studio. The app permits clients to make adjustments to details like the shape and size of center stones or metal selections on their mobile devices or desktop and will gradually add thousands of different designs to the subscription-based service.

Happily Ever After

Bridal buying has gotten easier thanks to a partnership between Stuller’s Ever&Ever wedding and engagement jewelry program and its Red Box Diamond brand. With the purchase of the Ever&Ever Red Box Diamond, customers receive benefits that include the option of free laser inscription, special Ever&Ever packaging, yearlong complimentary insurance against loss, theft or damage, and individual grading with an accompanying report. The perks make it easier to feel ready for a long-term commitment.


Getting Stranded

Assouline has dedicated an entire volume to pearl necklaces. Written by jewelry historian Vivienne Becker, The Pearl Necklace investigates the symbolism, style and celebrity influencers that are associated with its story, and the lavishly illustrated volume provides inspiration aplenty for brides-to-be.

This article originally appeared in the September 2016 edition of INSTORE.



Wilkerson Testimonials

New York Jeweler Picks Wilkerson for Their GOB Sale

Jan Rose of Rose Jewelers, located in Long Island's famous Hamptons beach district, explains how she chose Wilkerson for her closing sale. Jan's suggestions: reach out to jewelers who have been in similar situations to find out what worked for them, and look for a company with experience in going-out-of-business sales. Once you've done that, the final step is to move ahead and trust the process.

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Jewelry Pro Gear

Concrete Diamonds, Custom Ring Dishes and More Jewelry Pro Gear for February

These items add more jewelry flair to your store.




Timeless Tray

You’ve gotta put your store’s rings in something — why not make it something artisanal? This ring tray by Gifted Shop Works is handmade and features beautiful weathered wood with a textured burlap or linen ring roll insert. Instagram-worthy.


Pretty Personal

Any ring dish can have a pretty scene on it, but what if the pretty scene was of your storefront or town? With the custom landscape ring dish from The Painted Press, your customers can keep their trinkets on any landscape they (or you) choose!



Industrial Elegance

This gorgeous glass box by Leosklo is perfect for any number of purposes: jazzy jewelry storage, elegant cutter consolidation, or a rockin’ business card repository. You can even leave the box empty: it’s so gorgeous, you’ll still be glad it’s there.


Rockin’ Rocks

These concrete diamonds by Craft Monkees would be great in a window display, around the office, or even in a jewelry showcase. An edgy take on the classic shape we all know and love.

$48 for three medium diamonds

Paula in Print

The new book, The Art Of The Jewel, is a triumphant tribute to the jewelry art of legendary color queen Paula Crevoshay. A glorious 232-page celebration of beauty, art, and nature sure to delight any jewelry lover.


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Tools and Services

New Show Dates and More Service News for January

More than ready for 2019!




Hayes at the Helm

Congratulations to Richard Hayes, the new president of Wilkerson! Wilkerson is the nation’s largest national independent jewelry liquidators by volume; it has successfully overseen more than 6,000 jewelry store sales over the past 48 years.

Legendary Learning

The 6th annual Jewelry History Series, an expert lineup of lectures, will be held just before The Original Miami Beach Antique Show in January 2019 and includes show passes.


Select Schedule

The Select Jewelry Show has announced its 2019 dates and locations, including Dallas (Sept. 8-9); Washington, DC (Sept. 15-16); and at Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Connecticut (Sept. 22-2).

Geometry of Growth

A new strategic partnership between Polygon and Gemfind means Gemfind clients save on Polygon memberships and Polygon members can save on digital services through Gemfind.,

Enter the Matrix

Gemvision has launched MatrixGold Essentials, a new CAD software sure to delight users seeking improved usability, flexibility, and advance rendering. Gemvision is a Stuller Company.

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Tools and Services

A Roger Dery Charity Worth Supporting, Appraisal Scholarship and More November Service News

Plus expert jewelry advisory services from SimplexDiam.




Dream Team

SimplexDiam, Inc. and Eaton Hudson Jewelry have joined forces to offer to a larger client base than ever before. This dream team offers guidance and assistance to store owners in times of transition, whether they are seeking to turn around a business, sell off unwanted inventory, or even liquidate an entire store.,

Shining Legacy

Roger Dery’s nonprofit firm, Gem Legacy, aims to support East African development.

Renowned gem cutter Roger Dery’s new nonprofit, Gem Legacy, allows people to support education, vocational training and local economies in East African mining communities.


With the Band

In honor of engagement season, Tacori is offering a special incentive: the “Wedding Band Welcome.” For a limited time, customers who purchase a Tacori engagement ring will be welcomed into the Tacori family with savings on a Tacori wedding band.

Aspire to Appraise

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) will award a scholarship for one lucky student to attend their winter conference. The 51st Annual ACE It Winter Educational Conference will be held Feb. 3-4, 2019, in Tucson, AZ.

Red Hot

Connoisseurs Products Corporation has redesigned the classic red package of its jewelry cleaners. The new packaging is just as eye-catching as the original, but features bolder graphics, easier-to-read instructions and large visual indicators to help hurried consumers choose the right product.

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