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Lily Collins Wears a Headful of Hair Brooches in Emily in Paris

Viewers are treated to a variety of jewelry fashions by the Netflix series, which was renewed for two more seasons.




Lily Collins Wears a Headful of Hair Brooches in <em>Emily in Paris</em>

SO YES, I freely admit it. I am an Emily In Paris fan. It’s fun, it takes my mind off of COVID. It has a great costume designer and provides a runway of stylish great fashion and jewelry choices. What more could you want when you are binge watching your way through an Omicron avoidance weekend spent on the couch in winter in New York?

But wait—there was the cliffhanger which I won’t spoil for those who haven’t watched the 2nd season. And there was another exit in the series—the back of Lily Collins head with her hair as Emily in an updo with multiple brooches that was tres chic. It was also on target with how celebrities have been wearing pins in their hair at red carpet events and how fashion designers sent models down the runway with all different categories of jewelry decorating long tresses and chignons. I became obsessed with showing this modern way to wear brooches that is actually based on antique jewels that had different fittings to wear as pins, pendants or hair ornaments. I searched and searched for photos of the multi-brooch hair style and couldn’t find it so I went back and watched the episode again and took photos of my TV set with my iPhone. Talk about technology and “trying to get the shot”.

Lily Collins Wears a Headful of Hair Brooches in <em>Emily in Paris</em>I was however able to find a photo of Emily in a tennis necklace as a hair ornament. It seems that Emily In Paris (another Darren Star creation along with Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Sex and The City — (for which he was also a writer) were the shows creating the most popular trends in jewelry and in fashion for the times in which they were made.

I don’t know about you but I am thrilled there will be Season 3 and Season 4 of Emily In Paris to transport me to a time when the most complicated things we had to deal with was what to wear to different events, falling in love, the ins and outs of friendships, learning how to build our careers and pleasing our bosses. Oh, and decorating our hair. Viva la youth and trend setting style!

Beth Bernstein is a published author of three books and jewelry and fashion expert with 18+ years experience. A broad knowledge of the history of jewelry and fashion coupled with a background in "the story", writing, trends, design concepts has earned Beth a proven track record.



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