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New Arrivals: Bracelets




The bracelet is a bit of an unsung hero in the jewelry world: Bracelets don’t have the up-front-and-center advantage of necklaces, the simple sentimentality of rings or the ease of earrings. That said, from chunky cuffs to chiming charms and barely-there bangles, nothing elevates an outfit like the addition of exactly the right bracelet.

This article originally appeared in the October 2016 edition of INSTORE.



WHY WE LOVE IT: As good solo as they are in a stack, these bangles are perfect for the customer who likes to catch ’em all. Start with one, come back for more.


DESCRIPTION: 14K gold and oxidized sterling silver bangles with a mix of Sleeping Beauty turquoise, opals, tourmaline, emerald, and rose-cut diamonds. MSRP: $498-$1,998



➤ In this golden age of stacking, jewelry lovers are always on the hunt for a piece that layers well but still has enough presence to be worn alone. The key is a design that’s interesting, but not too complicated to wear alongside other bracelets.



WHY WE LOVE IT: Elegant hardware with a sophisticated row of deep blue sapphire baguettes marching down the middle — this delicate design could not be more chic.


DESCRIPTION: Blue sapphires and 18K yellow gold bracelet. MSRP: $4,950


WHY WE LOVE IT: Can you imagine a cooler base for a charm bracelet than a bracelet that is already a locket? Gorgeous solo or adorned with add-ons.

DESCRIPTION: 18K yellow gold charm bracelet with a turquoise stone. MSRP: $3,300





WHY WE LOVE IT: Rich, textured gold in an array of colors makes this piece a sumptuous but easy-to-throw-on luxury that will go with anything, anytime.

DESCRIPTION: 18K mixed color golds bracelet. MSRP: $14,400




WHY WE LOVE IT: The graphic va-va-voom of vibrant 24K gold patterns against the dark oxidized silver background is too compelling to resist.

DESCRIPTION: 24K gold on oxidized silver cuff, applied and fused by hand. MSRP: $980




➤ Flashy statement pieces have their time and place, but there’s one piece of jewelry that never, ever invites buyer’s remorse: the high-quality neutral. These classic, versatile bracelets will go with absolutely everything, making them the perfect go-to accessory to reach for on any occasion.



WHY WE LOVE IT: The smooth expanse of shining silver and asymmetrical design make this cuff a neutral that’s anything but basic.

DESCRIPTION: Cuff in sterling silver. MSRP: $275




WHY WE LOVE IT: Luscious bi-color tourmalines all in a row, gorgeously geometric and spectacularly symmetrical.

DESCRIPTION: 14K gold bangle with tourmaline and diamonds (0.18 TCW) MSRP: $2,860




WHY WE LOVE IT: No-fuss bezel settings and a colorful explosion of spinel make this piece light, bright and irresistible.

DESCRIPTION: Multicolored spinel bangle in 14K yellow gold. MSRP: $3,650





➤ Whoever said that bracelets needed to be neutral? Add some pizzazz to that arm party by reaching for bangles and cuffs rife with richly colored gemstones.



WHY WE LOVE IT: Clusters of bright stones on delicate lengths of chain make for a visually captivating, almost architectural effect.

DESCRIPTION: 18K gold bracelets with rhodolite garnet and moonstone or iolite and chrome diopside with diamonds (0.15 TCW) MSRP: $1,295-$1,595




WHY WE LOVE IT: “Be awesome” is advice we can get behind — and how cute is that bee? A fun, joyful piece.

DESCRIPTION: Sterling silver bangle MSRP: $49




➤ The wrist is the perfect place to put a sentimental piece that you want to be able to see as well as feel. Put these meaningful bracelets right over your pulse point and they’ll remind you of what’s important all day long.



WHY WE LOVE IT: The central medallion is an artistic rendering of the most important prayer in Judaism, the Shema. Beautiful, innovative and spiritually significant.

DESCRIPTION: Silver and red string bracelet MSRP: $40




WHY WE LOVE IT: The way this cuff whispers its inspirational message against the wearer’s skin instead of announcing it to the world feels so intimate and genuine.

DESCRIPTION: Handstamped copper cuff MSRP: $75





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Jewelry Pro Gear

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Inquire for custom pricing


Made with Magic

Megan Ann Jelken‘s Incredible Creations is a Nebraska-based workshop offering a variety of beautiful handmade wooden jewelry display pieces. Perfect for stores in search of a genuine rustic or gorgeous boho aesthetic. Custom sizes, colors, and staining available.


Luxe Compounds

The Luxor Compound Starter Set offers top quality, silica-free aluminum oxide compounds made in France. These color-coded, non-greasy compounds will be a treat to use and breeze to clean from your jewelry after finishing.



The Boss’s Bling

Wedding-related ring dishes will always have their place, but we love that this particular ring dish from Sweetwater Decor is all about celebrating a strong woman’s solo power. Perfect for the Boss Lady in your life, especially if she’s you.


At the Bench

MJSA Press has published a new book, At The Bench Vol. 2: Tips, Techniques, And Step-By-Step Projects For Jewelers Of All Skill Levels. The photo-filled 150-page book is based on the popular “At The Bench” column that appears monthly in MJSA Journal, and offers instruction and insights from renowned jewelers.


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Tools and Services

Lifestyle Photography, Effective Sales Training and More Service News This Month

Plus solutions to preventing and/or reducing property damage and business interruption loss.




Pearl Publicity

The Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) has released new lifestyle photography and videos for its membership to use on signage, blog posts, websites, postcards, and more — all carefully styled to show the beauty of pearls worn in a modern, on-trend context.

Train with Chris

Christopher Designs has launched an interactive online training program for sales associates that provides cutting edge insight into today’s bridal customer and sales theory — and offers a commission incentive for sales made after passing the training.

Better Gold

Non-profit organization Mercury Free Mining (MFM) is coordinating scientific testing of the efficient and potentially safer GOLDROP gold separation process with the University of Mines and Technology in Tarkwa, Ghana. To learn more or support the endeavor, visit MFM’s website.

Mutual Protection

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group recently created an alliance with Hartford Steam Boiler to offer additional technology solutions to Jewelers Mutual commercial policyholders with the goal of preventing and/or reducing property damage and business interruption loss from water and frozen pipes.

NAJA Know-How

The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) released an updated online Appraisal Studies course. Available to NAJA members and nonmembers, it offers a range of individual lessons, interactive sessions, and supplemental videos.

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Jewelry Pro Gear

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Gilded Goodies

These oh-so-tempting opera cake truffles by legendary pastry chef Melanie Moss are topped with actual gold leaf! Such décor makes these decadent darlings almost too beautiful to eat — almost.


Keeping It 100

The Gemlogis VISTA Natural Diamond Segregator uses proprietary UV reflection technology to identify lab-grown diamonds, even in closed-back mountings. This remarkable tool achieved a 100 percent lab-grown diamond referral rate when tested by Project ASSURE.




These brightly colored pens from Sweetwater Décor are a joy to behold. Their boldly color-blocked bodies bear inspirational messages for those days when you need a little something extra from your writing utensil.


DIY Treasure Trove

The recently released Making Wow Jewelry: Techniques And Projects For Making A Statement, by jewelry artist Gay Isber, is a fantastic recommendation for crafting enthusiasts who are dreaming of learning how to make their own pretties at home.


Pop and Lock

These clever Locking Earring Backs from Connoisseurs are the perfect little item to have on hand to recommend to your customers who are worried about earring security. Hypo-allergenic and available in both silver and gold.


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