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GemsOne Concierge(R) to Officially Launch in Vegas with Live Demo Rooms




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – GemsOne CEO Anuj Jain announced the official launch of GemsOneConcierge and the Bellissima bridal collection at Luxury 2018, ushering a new age of true on-demand jewelry customization technology and service.   The platform, which has been in testing-mode since January 2018, already counts more than 100 independent retailer-users before officially launching, all of whom have embraced the concept as a game changer in the bridal space and beyond, redefining how small jewelry stores can do custom effectively and profitably. 

But is exactly is GemsOne Concierge – what it offers and what it is not:

GemsOne Concierge IS a consumer-friendly portal that enables independent retailers to offer fast-delivery custom bridal jewelry products to consumers with quality, great value perception, healthy margins, responsible sourcing, real-time video CAD consultations and immediate quotations.  In short, GemsOne Concierge brings years of research and investment to jewelry retailers, and transforms the bridal consultation into an ideal offline-online user experience, combining the most desirable features in bridal design today with expert communications, training tools and over 30 years of sales and marketing expertise.

GemsOne Concierge IS NOT a RingBuilder, like so many in the market already.  It IS NOT a mix-and-match diamond head and shank system; IT IS NOT a website with a drop-down menu of metal and stone colors and shapes.  It IS NOT a quick-order service for run-of-the-mill stock bridal jewelry. That is easy – and has been done.   “Easy” will not find solutions for the future of retail or create renewed demand for diamond jewelry, interest Millennials and GenZ’s in fine bridal or address the very big elephant in the room:  how to do custom right, and profitably?

The Millennial message is clear: their desire for personalization and customization is driving them away from standardized lines…away from mass-market trends…away from the traditional jewelry store shopping experience that presents hundreds of cookie-cutter halo rings, or charges high premiums for what is “faux custom”: a simple mix and match of parts ordered off a wholesale catalog or website.


Here is where the two new ventures become one powerful solution for retailers:

  • Consumers want to buy experiences: buying a ring is a by-product of the journey. GemsOne Concierge  (GOC) enables retailers to provide a seamless and individualized experience to each customer. 
  • “Selection” sells: for the vast majority of consumers, being able to see a ring style in different metal colors or with different stone options, is enough variety. To them, the GOC app augments the Bellissima product line in the retailer showcase. 
  • When the customer wants an even more customized experience – or total custom product – the sales associate using GOC needs to go only a little further, using the app to send a sketch to cad request in seconds – not hours or days. The app makes is easy, no more emails, calls and hand-drawn sketches.
  • Getting a cad model done right the first time is of paramount importance to a successful transaction. GemsOneConcierge does not hide behind emails and customer service call centers. The sales associate schedules a real time video consultation with the CAD expert who is in charge of the project, avoiding the painful iterations expected from most Sketch-to-CAD bureau services. 
  • Bellissima was designed to capitalize on market best-sellers, based on extensive research on metal choices, diamond shapes and design details most likely to lead to successful transactions. Bellissima meets consumer’s tastes, budgets and retailer’s needs with 92 skus and 100s of style variations.
  • Bellissima retailers’ average start-up investment is $3,500, and current data shows stores will progress, through diligent training and access to top quality collaterals, to sell on average 5 rings per month, effectively turning their original investment 25 times in a year.  
  • Each Bellissima order is accompanied by a branded display unit, retailer-customized web portal and a loaded tablet for easy mobile consultations, on-demand training and a generous portfolio of marketing tools including traditional print or digital advertising, catalogs, electronic and social media.                            
  • GemsOne Concierge represents a major commitment to a segment of the industry often overlooked by large diamond manufacturers, generally driven by the power of large major chains and multi-million dollar marketing budgets.   By focusing on the independent “mom and pop” store, GemsOne makes a statement in support of customer experience and the personal relationships that have kept the jewelry industry alive for centuries.  Applying proprietary technology, years of research, and unique marketing know-how, the new portal-product duo capitalizes on some remarkable numbers:

           -92 SKU’s
           -736,184 CAD Renders
           -8040 Programming Man-hours
           -37,440,000 seconds spent practicing (on live consumers) how to produce jewelry CADS
           -232 missed birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, and parties
           -61 liters of single malt scotch consumed whilst programming
           -73 major setbacks encountered and overcome
           -7,212 International Skype calls
           -19 Training Videos for American retailers (produced in the past 30 days)
           -100 American dealers opened in the first 60 days
           -One awesome idea, beautifully conceived, impeccably executed, ready to take bridal to the next level

GemsOne Concierge officially launchs at Luxury by JCK, May 30 to June 4, featuring two DEMO ROOMS located in STAND LUX 135, designed to replicate the GOC in-store experience. Appointments can be scheduled with George Prout

GemsOne Concierge(R) to Officially Launch in Vegas with Live Demo Rooms

GemsOne Concierge(R) to Officially Launch in Vegas with Live Demo Rooms


GemsOne Concierge(R) to Officially Launch in Vegas with Live Demo Rooms



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