Videos and other resources are available.

Platinum Guild International has made available a variety of resources to help jewelers learn more about the precious metal.

The following video explains that for the first time, bench jewelers, sales associates, buyers and designers can access quality assurance benchmarks for working with and evaluating platinum jewelry. The Platinum Quality Assurance Benchmarks interactive reference tool created in conjunction with the Gemological Institute of America, is available at



Many other resources are available by registering at

Additionally, Platinum Guild International has created a one-sheet resource on platinum qualities that discusses the differences between platinum and white gold. On its consumer website, the group has posted several articles that answer the question "Why platinum?" 




Two-Time Winner

When it was time to close its doors, Cranstoun Court Jewellers of Sun City, Arizona chose Wilkerson to handle its liquidation sale. For all involved, the sale “far exceeded expectations.” But it wasn’t the first time Wilkerson helped sell off the store’s aging merchandise. They were there 13 years before, when ownership changed hands. See how Wilkerson can help you when it’s time to liquidate or sell off aging inventory.


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