(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — COUTUREtime announces a robust partnership with RedBar Group for its 2018 event. RedBar Group is the official organization for thousands of timepiece collectors and enthusiasts from around the world that focuses on face-to-face interactions and social gatherings. After starting in New York City in 2007, RedBar expanded to cities across the globe, where weekly meet-ups are held for self-proclaimed “watch geeks.”

COUTUREtime will play host to RedBar’s inaugural nationwide meeting, giving these enthusiasts the opportunity to meet and socialize, as well as meet directly with the watch brands. Additionally, programming will be catered to RedBar members from Friday to Sunday of the event, including multiple educational seminars held by The Horological Society of New York.

“We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with RedBar for our 2018 event,” said Gannon Brousseau, senior vice presiden of Emerald Expositions Jewelry Group and director for COUTURE and COUTUREtime. “The RedBar founders and a handful of RedBar members attended our 2017 event, and the feedback we received from the brands was resoundingly positive. We are confident that the group will bring great energy and enthusiasm to COUTUREtime 2018, and generate lasting excitement for the brands among these influential members of the timepiece community.”

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An exclusive event for RedBar members, Cornerstone Retailers and COUTUREtime brands is being organized for Friday, June 1. RedBar members are also being invited to attend COUTUREtime beginning on Friday. While brands will not allow sales of any timepieces directly to RedBar members during the show, they will have the opportunity to showcase their latest collection launches and their distinctive brand messaging to these timepiece enthusiasts.

 “A partnership with COUTUREtime presents an incredible opportunity for our members,” said Adam Craniotes, president and founder of RedBar Group. “The environment created by COUTUREtime at Encore Las Vegas is entirely in line with the core values of RedBar, namely passion, inclusiveness and, of course, watches. While our members stay connected though our website, social media and local gatherings, this will be the first time that all of our chapters will have the opportunity to meet in person as a formalized group. Indeed, we’ve already received a great response from members planning to attend.”

“The timepiece brands that exhibit at COUTUREtime are extremely savvy and they understand the importance of aligning with those individuals who are most passionate about this category of luxury,” said Steven Kaiser, president of Kaiser Time. “RedBar Group represents a core base of the public who are motivated to become ambassadors for COUTUREtime brands, and that is an invaluable benefit to their businesses.” 

COUTURE and COUTUREtime are taking place May 31-June 4 at Wynn and Encore Las Vegas. For more information about COUTURE, COUTUREtime or RedBar group, contact Michelle Orman at (646) 302-5521 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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