It will take place at JCK.

(Press Release) ISELIN, NJ – Pure Grown Diamonds, pioneers in above-earth diamonds and the largest-selling grown diamond brand in the U.S., announces a limited-seating panel discussion made up of retailers, press and industry insiders who will share their insights on adding the fastest-growing and strongest profit-generating category in the industry.

Diamonds grown above the earth offer a compelling new choice for consumers. Progressive retailers are loving the fact that they can get a bigger profit margin on these diamonds. They’re finding that consumers are embracing them because they are more affordable and eco-friendly. This panel discussion is designed to answer questions regarding carrying lab-grown diamonds in your own store. Panelists will have an opportunity to share insights from their own experiences.

Pure Grown Diamonds announces the following industry insiders that will be involved with this engagement.

  • Severine Ferrari, editor-in-chief,
  • Don Palmieri, president, GCAL.
  • Rich Bennett, owner, PK Bennett.
  • Brian Rouse, owner, Bay Area Diamond Co.
  • Suraj Mehta, director, Pure Grown Diamonds.
  • Deb Hiss, moderator, Pure Grown Diamonds.

This is a limited-seating engagement, so you need to register to attend this event. Go to today to reserve your spot on June 1, 2018, 8:30 a.m., Ballroom Banyan C, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV.

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