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Nina Nguyen Sets The Gold Standard As Sell Through Rates Soar On Patent-Pending Line




(PRESS RELEASE) DENVER, CO – Mixed metals, saturated colors and organic materials make the seamless transition from summer to fall with designer Nina Nguyen’s latest earring collection. Nguyen captures the latest trends and blended them with her signature style to create a winning combination for retailers who are looking for their next “best-seller.”

Her latest innovative design was recently awarded a patent pending status which covers an element in the new earring collection, allowing these pieces to be transformed for multiple-use, convertible styling. Earrings featured in the collection can individually be turned into a pendant and worn on a necklace, or used as a charm.

The convertible styling has been a hit with retailers who adopted the product early, and sell-through rates have recently climbed near 20%. Lynn Andalman of Windsor Jewelry said, “As a one owner retail jewelry store with jewelry repair shop & watch repair featuring finished fashion, custom jewelry, estate & fine jewelry, these new pieces are a perfect fit for us. We have something for everyone’s budget, and love being able to offer items such as Nina’s geode bracelet, boulder opal necklace and all the earrings with the interchangeable drops!!!!!”

Speaking about her latest collection, and its patent-pending status Nina Nguyen said, “The idea for this new patent-pending interchangeable system was born from my desire to allow customers who love Nina Nguyen Designs jewelry the chance to personalize their jewelry choices. I wanted to provide a wealth of options and flexibility within our new system to encourage repeat purchasing, both for our retail customers and consumers. The new collection serves as a platform for us to expand our offerings with endless design choices and provide our customers with opportunity to personalize their styles in an elegant and fashionable way.”


The socially-conscious Nguyen is one of only a few designers who exclusively uses recycled gold for her 18K pieces as well as recycled diamonds for her new designs. Nguyen puts an emphasis on gold in the more than 700 sku’s featured in her latest collection, but sterling silver, as well as black oxidized silver and some vermeil still play a big part in her overall design offerings. The hand-hammered, textured finish she developed is also featured, and lends a unique and brilliant touch to the pieces it is incorporated into.

Retailers interested in booking appointments to preview the patent pending Nina Nguyen Interchangeable Earring Collection during the Fall 2018 Atlanta Jewelry Show, or who want more information on the new Interchangeable Earring Collection from Nina Nguyen Designs are invited to contact Sandi Felke at ​[email protected]​ or call 720-459-7664 Option 3.



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When Tom Moses decided to close one of the two Moses Jewelers stores in western Pennsylvania, it was time to call in the experts. After reviewing two candidates, Moses, a co-owner of the 72 year-old business, decided to go with Wilkerson. The sale went better than expected. Concerned about running it during the pandemic, Moses says it might have helped the sale. “People wanted to get out, so there was pent-up demand,” he says. “Folks were not traveling so there was disposable income, and we don’t recall a single client commenting to us, feeling uncomfortable. It was busy in here!” And perhaps most importantly, Wilkerson was easy to deal with, he says, and Susan, their personal Wilkerson consultant, was knowledgeable, organized and “really good.” Now, the company can focus on their remaining location — without the hassle of carrying over merchandise that either wouldn’t fit or hadn’t sold. “The decision to hire Wilkerson was a good one,” says Moses.

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