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NYJDI Launches New Year with ABCs of Jewelry Design




(PRESS RERLEASE) NEW YORK  The New York Jewelry Design Institute will be kicking off the 2018 spring calendar with an entrepreneurial focus, providing professional development opportunities for those looking to jumpstart a career in jewelry design. This January, five courses will commence covering the institute’s Art, Business, and CAD (ABC) pillars. Together, the ABCs inspirit the collective passion and diligence needed to develop a designer brand and have it flourish.

Jenine Lepera Izzi, creative director of NYJDI, said, “The ABCs are an easy way to remember what the full program is about. Our course of studies is circular, not linear, so students can begin anywhere. There is no starting or ending point. Some students gravitate more toward one pillar (Art, Business, or CAD) over the others. By compartmentalizing the different classes, it is easier for them to gain the well-rounded skills needed to become great designers.”

Art, as a pillar, refines a designer’s ability to create hand painted and digital executions of a vision. Beginning the second week of the new year, Rapid Rendering and the Adobe Illustrator for Jewelry Design courses focus on homing in on artistic talent. They each meet once a week in the evenings, with a great amount of personal attention given to students. The Rapid Rendering program, where students are trained by Lepera Izzi, teaches critical shading, coloring and texturing skills for those looking for a true-to-life representation of their piece, and is also available year-round as a private course. In the Illustrator class, Martinu Schneegass teaches an intensive beginner class that shows designers how to execute masterful technical drawings. Schneegass says, “Illustrator is an industry standard required for every jewelry designer. As an Art pillar, it is a powerful and precise tool for designers, looking to create eye catching professional drawings for production, which are a key element for mass production. Illustrator files can be imported into Photoshop and CAD to create realistic 3Dimensional images, which add drama and context to a digital, or print, presentation.” Throughout the year, other courses at NYJDI will embody the art pillar, including: Advanced Rendering, Watercolor, Photoshop for Designers and Unearthing Color.

The second ABC pillar puts the spotlight on business. A designer can have incredible talent and vision, but without the business savvy to turn the vision into reality, success is hard to achieve. Vashti de Verteuil will be leading the conversation in Jewelry Branding and Marketing, distinguishing each, and guiding students on defining one’s purpose and brand position in the accessories marketplace.

The “C” in the ABCs centers around CAD, and the importance of mastering 3D skills in the digital age. Shaper Pro and Retopology in 3Design enhances a student’s ability to turn ideas into intuitive and complex models. Hiba Husanyi teaches how to restructure, and create, both 2D and 3D designs across metalwork techniques and textures, guiding students with hands-on training. In the class Husanyi discusses, “complicated, free-form shapes and models, from vintage rings to sculpting and scroll work, with the simple tools. Students will also get a better understanding of 3D jewelry. These tools will bring one to the next level of jewelry designing, giving unlimited possibilities to achieve the most complex, creative, and organic designs and shapes imaginable.” In addition, Understanding Jewelry CAD offers an in-depth introduction to 3Design, where students work one-on-one in a private class to learn the various features of the program, discerning how to use it for creating professional designs and models.

For more information about the courses, contact NYJDI 212-951-1314 or email





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