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Olivia Wilde Wears One of the Trends in Earrings at the Babylon Global Premiere

The diamond dazzlers were provided by De Beers.




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OLIVIA WILDE WENT long and lean for the Babylon global premiere, which opens this week in movie theaters (with its all-star cast, the film is sure to be up for quite a few Academy Awards). Although Margot Robbie has the lead female role in the film and has become a style setter at awards shows over the past 10 years, actress/director Wilde’s recent jewelry choices have been right on target and have elevated her into a star to watch for trends.

For this premiere, she went ultra-long with skinny diamond De Beers earrings that almost grazed her shoulders. These were anything but static; they swayed and flowed with fluid and sensual movement. The linear earring has been trending for some time and continues to evolve into thinner looks, with fancy cut diamonds conjuring up two halves of the most delicate line bracelets. With this type of earring, maybe we should rename them “tennis earrings,” as they have the feel of tennis bracelets and necklaces. Just a suggestion. You can always weigh in.

These have a small pear-shaped drop at the bottom and border between vintage and modern-looking, which makes them even more desirable for those who have an affinity for both.

My one objection is the way in which the earrings were worn. They almost get lost in Wilde’s long locks of hair. She might have worn her hair pulled back in some way with a diamond brooch or hair ornament or worn in a messy updo to go along with her style. Other than that, the earrings are a hit and the type you should be purchasing as an option for evening events and occasions.


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