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On Lab-Grown Diamonds, Our February Lead Story, and More of Your Letters

And one reader really wants to know how to find employees.




On “Going Lean”

  • Makes things much easier when you get used to “going lean.” — Trevor Williams, Leitzel’s Jewelry, Myerstown, PA
  • I enjoyed and agree with the article and yes, I am certainly able to go leaner. I am ordering only three months out, instead of thinking Christmas now. Actually, since gold prices are so high, I have stopped ordering for stock and only doing special orders as they come in. — Christine Matlack, E.G. Landis Jewelers, Boyertown, PA
  • I need to practice this in business and health, LOL. — Krystal Shiklanian, Radiant Fine Jewelry, Plymouth, MA

On Lab-Grown Diamonds

  • Lab grown diamonds sold 3:1 over naturals for us in 2021. The tide has shifted. Used to be that customers didn’t even want to hear about them, now it’s their first question. — Joe Kirk, Kirk & Company Jewelers, Milford, OH
  • How do lab-grown diamond dealers have the guts to use Rap discounts on larger diamonds, say over 1.5 carats? The rarity and exponential increase of natural diamonds does not apply or make sense when it comes to LGD. This suggests that Rap is out to lunch or many LGD dealers are silently LTAO. Hmmm … methinks a bit of both. — David Blitt, Troy Shoppe Jewellers, Calgary, AB


  • I love the tidbits I get daily in my inbox. I share with staff so they are staying current! — Cindi Haddad-Drew, Cindi’s Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, Foxboro, MA
  • The “33 Memes for Jewelers” was fantastic online last month. The best one? The fortune-teller looking into a crystal ball when a customer asked for a quote for a repair over the phone. Outstanding! — Marc Majors, Sam L. Majors, Midland, TX
  • Just started getting your magazine. Very insightful and informational. Love the input from other store owners. — Rick Weadock, Jewelry-By-You, South Jordan, UT
  • I thoroughly enjoy the magazine. I really like the shorter articles that are educational. It’s easy to relay to my staff that way as well. — Jim Cash, Diamond Center, Fayetteville, AR

Looking to Hire

  • We need employees, which seems to be the hardest part of running a business for us nowadays. Few want to work and most never follow up on interviews. They see our ads and signs and call and never even come in and fill out an application. — Medford Chason, Treasure Hut, Charleston, SC

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Thinking of Liquidating? Wilkerson’s Got You Covered

Bil Holehan, the manager of Julianna’s Fine Jewelry in Corte Madera, Calif., decided to go on to the next chapter of his life when the store’s owner and namesake told him she was set to retire. Before they left, Holehan says they decided to liquidate some of the store’s aging inventory. They chose Wilkerson for the sale. Why? “Friends had done their sales with Wilkerson and they were very satisfied,” says Holehan. He’d enthusiastically recommend Wilkerson to anyone looking to stage a liquidation or going-out-of-business sale. “There were no surprises,” he says. “They were very professional in their assessment of our store, what we could expect from the sale and they were very detailed in their projections. They were pretty much on the money.”

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