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Shane Decker: Write $1 Million a Year




Here are six tools to help you do it.

On  Sales Strategies: Write $1 Million a Year

Here are six tools to help you do it.


Published in the June 2012 issue.

Ayear ago, INDESIGN ran a story called “Million Dollar Babies” that chronicled million-dollar-plus single-item sales closed by some of the best salespeople in the industry. Since then, I’ve had salespeople asking me what they need to do to reach a million dollars a year. Here are the six tools you need in order to do it:

DEFINITION: Sound, practical judgment.
>> Common sense allows you to handle all objections and answer all of a client’s questions, which gives him confidence in his purchase. It comes from experience and knowledge. And it shows when you’re comfortable in your skin.

DEFINITION: Understanding ourselves and others, and moderating our response to their needs in a friendly way.
>> People skills allow you to make each client feel like the most important person you’ve waited on all day. They also mean knowing when to get out of your own sales presentation because another salesperson’s personality will match the client’s better than yours.


DEFINITION: To make known or to transfer important information.
>> Strong communication means doing two things: asking the proper questions (relationship and selling-specific) and listening well. Relationship questions allow you to get to know the client and find out what event they’re celebrating, and selling-specific questions allow you to find out what the client’s “exacts” are (so you can sell him what he wants, not what you want him to have.)

DEFINITION: A sales associate’s ability to follow up.
>> A lot of salespeople commit a sale killer by getting a client’s name when they close the sale and are writing up the ticket. This makes the client think you didn’t care about who he was until then. To get his name, introduce yourself when he first comes in (he’ll then give you his). Then get the spouse’s name and other important information like anniversary dates or birthdays during the casual part of the conversation. Proactive salesmanship also means sending everyone a thank-you card, not just on sales over $1,000.

DEFINITION: Always telling the truth, selling with integrity, and ethically representing your store.
>> My father used to say, “Excuses are just lies for your sh**.” If you lie to sell, are you going to remember what you told them the next time they come in? Know what you’re talking about. Get product and GIA training. Professionalism is improving yourself. That’s a never-ending job.

DEFINITION: Unselfish recognition to reach a common goal.
>>Teamwork deals with helping others succeed and not worrying about whose name is on the sales ticket. Clients love to see people helping each other. When you team-sell, closing ratios soar, everyone wins and nothing falls between the cracks.



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