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Online Pre-Owned Jewelry Platform to Begin Selling New Items




TrueFacet is rolling out Brand Boutique.

(Press Release) NEW YORK — TrueFacet, a digital marketplace for pre-owned fine watches and jewelry, announces the launch of its Brand Boutique shopping experience, giving shoppers access to brand partners on one platform. From Faberge and Fendi to Les Artisans de Genève and Mimi So, TrueFacet’s Brand Boutique will launch an expanding number of collections, offering vast storytelling content and exclusive releases seamlessly accessible to shoppers.

Brand Boutique debuts with more than 10 independent brands, several of which have not been widely available to consumers online until now. The Brand Boutique platform will continue to evolve with the addition of new brands, limited product pieces and exclusive experiences. TrueFacet’s data provides real-time insight into consumer behavior by brand, geography, demographic and price points. TrueFacet’s customers have embraced the pre-owned market, but they also request new – reinforcing the shift on how and where shoppers buy. The younger affluent segment is flocking online – 28 percent of TrueFacet’s traffic is from those under 30.

“Our vision for the Brand Boutique was to give people unique access to some of the most amazing brands, incredible craftsmanship, creative design and stories behind brands,” said Tirath Kamdar, founder and CEO of TrueFacet. “Based on trends we’re tracking, including the purchasing and consigning activity we’ve seen in our business, we predict that in 5 years, more than 65 percent of jewelry and watches will be purchased online. This is a revolutionary movement for the $38 Billion fine jewelry category, and we’re excited to lead the change.”

TrueFacet’s quick growth and high customer satisfaction ratings are rooted in strict attention to customer service and authenticity. Its team of knowledgeable concierge associate experts are available 24/7 to help with purchases and even locating specific pieces for an in-depth and high touch shopping experience. Each pre-owned jewelry item and watch purchased comes with a TrueFacet Report promising authenticity.

“As a global watch brand, TrueFacet is complementing the expansion of Les Artisans de Genève’s digital footprint,” said John Issac, creative director, Les Artisans de Genève. “We have appreciated the TrueFacet team’s attention to detail in bringing our brand and collections to life. We’re also excited to see the breadth of online data related to our brand and the category that they will share as part of the partnership.”

Since launching in 2014, TrueFacet has quadrupled sales each year and also offers its catalog of certified pre-owned designer jewelry and watches through the American Express Membership Rewards Shop. For more information, visit




Thinking of Liquidating? Wilkerson’s Got You Covered

Bil Holehan, the manager of Julianna’s Fine Jewelry in Corte Madera, Calif., decided to go on to the next chapter of his life when the store’s owner and namesake told him she was set to retire. Before they left, Holehan says they decided to liquidate some of the store’s aging inventory. They chose Wilkerson for the sale. Why? “Friends had done their sales with Wilkerson and they were very satisfied,” says Holehan. He’d enthusiastically recommend Wilkerson to anyone looking to stage a liquidation or going-out-of-business sale. “There were no surprises,” he says. “They were very professional in their assessment of our store, what we could expect from the sale and they were very detailed in their projections. They were pretty much on the money.”

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