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These Were the Most Dazzling Jewels at the 2019 Oscars

Get inspired by these show-stopping looks.




The Oscars traditionally wrap award season with shining examples of what looks and categories of jewelry have begun to trend at the Golden Globes, Critics Choice, SAGs and Grammys. What’s clear is that each of the award shows has become about glamour and show-stopping jewels.

The 91st Academy Awards drove home the message of the awards season that all classifications of jewelry are important for 2019. Although earrings continue to evolve as the strongest in diamond and gemstone jewelry, we are seeing a winning number of statement necklaces, wide bracelets and cocktail rings. And happily, the hair jewel made a comeback during the final awards show of 2019

Here we take a look at the best jewel at the 91st Academy Awards in each category.

But before we do, special mention needs to go to one historical jewel that hasn’t been worn since 1961. The famous Tiffany diamond, bought by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1878, a year after it was discovered in South Africa, became the jewel in the company’s proverbial crown. A “wardrobe of settings” was created for the 128.54-carat diamond by Jean Schlumberger, renowned designer for Tiffany & Co., and it was worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 for publicity stills for the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Prior to that, it was worn once by Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse for a Tiffany Ball in 1957. Until its appearance on Lady Gaga last night at the 2019 Oscars, set into a platinum and white diamond necklace, it was on display at the legendary store. Lady Gaga wore it with Tiffany fancy yellow and white diamond and platinum earrings that set off her black gown.

Photo: INSTARImages/PGI


Stills Courtesy of Tiffany &Co./PGI





It was a moment that will be remembered and written about for years to come.

And now for the winning jewels in each category:


Gemma Chan in Bulgari High Jewelry diamond and emerald earrings that have the feeling of dangling Pagodas. They are the perfect length and light the face with movement and swing. Photo: Rex/Shutterstock


Michele Yeoh in a Chopard diamond bracelet climbing up her wrist. It is perfect with her Elie Saab gown and linear diamond drop earrings. We have seen many Art Deco and Deco inspired bracelets as well as modern cuffs and flexible styles, but this winding cuff is one of the most breathtaking styles of the season. And it bespeaks a bracelet look that continues to trend and will do so into holiday sales. Photo: Rex/Shutterstock


Laura Harrier in a Bulgari High Jewelry necklace constructed of 10 antique cut emeralds (33.09 TCW), eight cushion rubellites (18.49- TCW), 154 step cut diamonds (4.57 TCW) and pavé-set diamonds (21.37-TCW) set into platinum. It’s one of the gemstone jewels that offers both a timeless elegance and a youthful appeal. Photo: Rex/Shutterstock

Still courtesy of Bulgari/PGI



Regina King in Chopard diamond ring. Although her earrings and bracelet will also stop you in your tracks. Photo: Rex/Shutterstock

Hair Jewel

We say hail to Rachel Weisz, her stylist and Cartier for this look of perfection. Two Cartier Collection brooches from 1903 are fashioned into a garland style diamond and platinum headband. Photo: Getty Images/PGI; Still Courtesy of Cartier


Still courtesy of Cartier


Jewelry Ensemble

Hands-down Amy Adams in Art Deco and late 1930s jewelry mixed with more modern styles from the Cartier Collection and Cartier high jewels. We particular loved the diamond clip brooch, Paris, circa 1935 fastened to a modern High Jewelry diamond “Tennis” necklace. Photo: INSTARImages/PGI; Stills: Courtesy of Cartier


Stills courtesy of Cartier

There were many dazzling styles in each classification. Look to them for inspiration as you create displays, themes and sales for the jewels you have in store or decide what to buy for the upcoming seasons.

Beth Bernstein is a published author of three books and jewelry and fashion expert with 18+ years experience. A broad knowledge of the history of jewelry and fashion coupled with a background in "the story", writing, trends, design concepts has earned Beth a proven track record.



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Rio Tinto Group plans to close its Argyle mine in western Australia, and that could bring a rise in the price of pink diamonds.

The mine is well-known for producing pink and red diamonds, Bloomberg reports.

In fact, 90 percent of the world’s pink diamonds come from the mine, although such stones are only a tiny percentage of Argyle’s total production. The majority of its production consists of brown diamonds, which are less valuable.

The mine is the world’s largest producer of diamonds by volume.

Arnaud Soirat, head of copper and diamonds for Rio, told Bloomberg that operations will be shut down in late 2020. By then it’s expected that its supply of economically viable stones will have been exhausted.

Pat Godin, CEO of Stornoway Diamond Corp., has predicted that with the closure, “The rational offset between supply and demand should lead to price growth.”

He told Bloomberg that the effect could be “even more dramatic” for pink diamonds.

“You can imagine the laws of supply and demand will apply, and you can imagine the impact that will have on those very rare pink, red, blue and purple diamonds,” Godin said.

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Jewelry and accessories retailer Charming Charlie is closing all of its 261 stores in connection with its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed July 11.

Bloomberg reports that over 3,000 full- and -part-time workers could lose their jobs.

The bankruptcy filing is Charming Charlie’s second in the past two year, Bloomberg reports.

Store closing sales are being conducted by a joint venture consisting of Hilco Merchant Resources and SB360 Capital Partners, according to a press release.

Charming Charlie operates in 38 states. A full list of closing stores is available here.


The liquidation is expected to take two months.

The company’s debt totals $82 million, according to Bloomberg. Its cash on hand amounted to only $6,000  as of the bankruptcy filing.

Charming Charlie is a Houston-based specialty retailer focused on fashion jewelry, handbags, apparel, gifts and beauty products.

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Serena Williams Wears the Most Unusual Ear Jewelry in Harper’s Bazaar Feature

Can you even call it an earring?




A new Serena Williams feature in Harper’s Bazaar is sure to attract attention.

The tennis player insisted that the photos be unretouched, and the cover shot features her mostly exposed backside.

But what might be most interesting to jewelers is the unique ear ornament she wore in one of the photos. We’re not even sure you can call this Gucci accessory an earring.

Could this over-the-ear look catch on?

INSTORE style writer Becky Stone doesn’t think so, although she likes the concept.

“I can hear the siren song of this piece! It takes the concept of jewelry adorning the body and elevates it by having the jewel actually become the body,” Stone said. “The look is surprising, sensual, and playful – an appealing combination. Serena looks like she might be a golden robot from the future, and I’m into it.

“That being said, I think there are a lot of practical barriers to the gilded ear’s mainstream appeal. Can she hear? Is her ear sweaty? How does that thing even stay on? I imagine it would have to be custom fitted, which is probably enough to price it out of the possibility of true street style success. I’d be very interested to see a scaled down version: maybe a smaller cuff that fits over just the upper cartilage, or a closely fitted lobe piece that’s anchored with a post for wearability.”

Beth Bernstein, also an INSTORE style writer, also felt the look was unlikely to take off.

“It might work for an editorial shoot or a runway show, but I don’t believe it will ever make it as a trend for even the high-end,” she said. “It kind of looks like the ‘Joker’s Mask’ for the ear.”

Jewelry professionals posting in our INSTORE Community group on Facebook had a variety of reactions.

Deirdre Crosse of Cipher Gems wrote, “Serena Williams requires an extraordinary design for it to register with the viewer. It’s a bold choice of adornment for strong subject.”

Deric Metzger, owner of DeMer Jewelry, commented, “This is the ear climber trend taken to its maximum natural conclusion and it’s every bit as unpleasant as I imagined.”

Other jewelry that Williams wore for the photoshoot included Cartier earrings, a Bulgari bracelet, a David Yurman bracelet and chain and an Audemars Piguet watch.

The photos appear with an essay penned by Williams about standing up for herself and becoming the strong woman, athlete and mother she is today. The issue will be available on newsstands July 23.

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