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Our New Year’s Dissolutions



Every year, we all make New Year’s resolutions. And sooner or later, we end up breaking them. In fact, depending on when this magazine reaches you, you might have blown a few already. No worries, here are some brand new ones for jewelers that you should really try to keep, courtesy of the team at In the End.

* I will open my store doors bright and early every morning at exactly 10- sharp ? ish.  

* I will be genuinely happy when my customer opts for the smaller diamond, knowing that he has made the purchase decision that’s right for him. And I will stop making that face when he does.  

* It’s time to change my trade-show merchandising strategy — and stop buying most of my stuff at the booths with the hottest sales staff. 

* I will not laugh at the trembling kid with braces attempting to buy his ?girlfriend? a $39 friendship ring.  

* Any items in my store that are more than one year old, I will immediately take action on ? by bitterly complaining to staff members about the terrible fashion sense of our customers.  


* When customers come in and I have to sell them, I will put my sandwich down.

* It’s time to admit it. I actually do know how to pump gas. And I’m not too bad with a Squeegie, either. 

* I will stop saying, ?Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!? and becoming sarcastically servile whenever a customer whips out an American Express platinum card.  

* I will no longer use any lame-o ?Fifth C? lines like: ?Here at Anderson Jewelers, we provide you with a ?Fifth C’, ____? (Fill in the blank: ?Courtesy’, ?Commitment to Quality’, ?Crisp and Crunchy Corn on the Cob’, etc., etc.) 

* Whenever I’m tempted to use the old ?two-month’s salary? squeeze, I will imagine myself buying golf clubs for my husband … and the salesperson using the same line on me.  

* Let’s do it! I will purchase customer-database software, unwrap it, and ? well, let’s not go overboard here.  


* I will not shake my head disgustedly while ringing up the next customer who comes in with one of our $50 gift certificates and buys an item worth $49.95. 

* I will no longer bite my nails, chain smoke, or mutter ominously to staff: ?I don’t know how much longer we can sustain this,? … every time we show a 5 percent monthly sales decrease. 

* I will establish a college fund for my children. (And will quickly quadruple it during a single weekend in Atlantic City.) 

* A Mrs. Fields cookie will not qualify as ?lunch?. 

* I will read 10 business books this year. Okay, I will read five business books this year. Okay, I will read three business books this year. Okay, I will read John Grisham’s The Firm.



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