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Outside The Box: Palladium Collection Launch



Outside The Box: Palladium Collection Launch

Published in the January-February 2013 issue

Founded more than 25 years ago, Jacob & Co., the luxury timepiece and diamond jewelry house, launched its New York City flagship store in 2004. When owner/designer Jacob Arabo was approached by Palladium Alliance International about creating a new collection in the metal, he not only designed the collection with his signature flair, he also threw a red-carpet launch party to match, complete with celebrity guests and co-hosted by W Magazine.



How successful was the event?


We were not open for selling that evening, so we were not measuring in dollars, but it was a great opportunity to use the store as a showcase for our new palladium collection, as well as entertain many friends and clients. It gave us brand awareness, recognition and media exposure, all of which are key components for our business.

What did co-hosting with W add to the event?
The W Magazine support and backing of our event, brand, and new palladium collection set the tone for an influential group of people. Because working in palladium was new to us, we wanted to use the evening and Claudia Mata, W’s jewelry and accessories director, to help educate guests and showcase beautiful pieces.

What did having celebrity guests add to the evening?
We live in a celebrity-driven world, so having celebrity guests like Stacy Keibler, Carla Gugino and Kim Kardashian attend was an added bonus. Since these girls are very fashion-forward and always walking a red carpet, we wanted to have them be the first to see the difference in pieces in palladium having great shine, luster, movement, but with about 30 percent less in weight.

Why did you design this collection in palladium?
Initially, we wanted to learn how to work in palladium to focus on weight and cost perspective with some key pieces in our collections. The Palladium Alliance approached us on working on an expanded collection and the launch event to showcase the pieces. We really loved the idea of making a big statement. The partnership worked out perfectly as our signature lace pattern earrings were easily translated into palladium because of the intricacy in the design, which benefits from being more lightweight for the woman wearing them.

What can we expect to see of the new line in 2013?
We hope to produce more large-scale earrings for our red carpet collection, which have gotten the best notice so far, and I want to introduce engagement rings and wedding bands as an overall collection. It is as ideal to set larger stones in palladium as it is for pavé diamond pieces, and its durability and comfort would work really well for both men’s and women’s rings.



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