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Outside The Box: Zoofari Trunk Show



Outside The Box: Zoofari Trunk Show

Published in the September/October 2013 issue

Borsheims (Omaha, NE)

In July, Borsheims held its second event to kick off the biennial Zoofari fundraising season for Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium; the event was called a “Trunk Show” because it raised money for a new elephant exhibit. Several animals made an appearance in the showroom, and Borsheims donated to the zoo a percentage of sales between the kickoff event and Sept. 7


How successful was the event?
“The goal of the Trunk Show was to raise excitement and bring attention to the upcoming fundraiser, as well as to draw attention to Borsheims collection of animal-themed jewelry and gift products. The event was very successful in getting Borsheims customers and Omaha zoo patrons excited about Zoofari.”

What was it like working with the local zoo?
“The zookeepers managed the animals all evening. The zoo foundation works with the Zoofari event chairs to invite guests and manage the event logistics. Our marketing team works closely with the zoo foundation on event details, from invitations to signage and catering as well as Borsheims’ internal facility and security teams. The evening of the event was very smooth and all staff members had time to enjoy the evening and interact with the animals.”


How did the animals behave in the store?
“It definitely made for a fun atmosphere at Borsheims! You could hear the cockatoo and macaw making noise from the good to great | SALES backroom. The Komodo dragon made himself right at home, walking behind the sales counter and under chairs. The armadillo did laps around the cases. A few of the animals made small messes on the floor, but Borsheims’ talented facilities staff had it cleaned up before any customers noticed.”

How did customers enjoy the event?
“Many regular customers just happened to walk in on the right night to catch a penguin or porcupine wandering around the store. Customers and the invited guests seemed to love the chance to get up close to the animals. In addition to allowing the customers to touch many of the animals, the zookeepers also answered questions about the animals. Executives from the zoo talked with people about Zoofari’s goal, to build a new elephant exhibit and bring elephants back to Omaha’s zoo.”

How was the event promoted?
“Borsheims’ marketing team and the zoo foundation worked together to develop an invitation list of top donors and customers. A digitized version of the invitation was also created to let associates forward to customers as well. In-store signage served as reference points to customers as to where the animal- themed jewelry and gift merchandise was located.”



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