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blond with earrings

Perk Up Your Ears

The hashtags on Instagram and other social media channels — #earparty or #earcandy — continue to be strong. Approximately two to three years ago, women of all age demographics, primarily from age 30 – 50, began getting more piercings in their lobes and styling or layering earrings the way in which they do their rings, necklaces and bracelets. If you are one of these women and are working from home, video conferencing or face-timing one-on-one with a client, we have a range of earrings that will perk up the styles you already own or help you to create a new curated mix. These earrings also make perfect gifts for graduation, even if your soon-to-be high school or college graduate isn’t having their traditional ceremonies this year. It will add a lift to their spirits.

We have chosen a range of styles that will work together in any combination and that are available in both yellow and white gold. The trick to buying and styling the earrings is the balance of studs, small drops, earring climbers and small hoops all which can be mixed together depending on how many piercings there are in your lobes or the lobes of the woman you are gifting.

When it comes to purchasing these earrings, there are no rules. You can play with them to see how many different looks you can make and what works best on your lobes. When you purchase them as gifts, think about what the receiver might want — new edgy, spiky hoops or a simple pair of diamond drop earrings.

Here is a group of 10 styles, all of which can work together in myriad ways. We have chosen all of them in yellow gold to keep the look consistent but many of these are available in white gold and rose gold as well. Don’t hesitate to mix styles as well as metals. Have a little fun during these harsher times. All can be purchased through our website for your convenience and you can refer to our online “Call Me Gaby” style guide to see how some of them look when worn together.

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