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PhotoScribe Technologies Prevents Diamond Forgery with New PermaScribe Laser System

Its cutting-edge technology backed by 19 patents will continue to elevate trust in the diamond industry and consumers alike.




(PRESS RELEASE) Tracking a diamond from mine to market is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Even with measures like the Kimberley Process, there are still issues with falsification. The recent emergence of synthetic diamonds and a growing concern about counterfeiting have spurred an increase in demand for a solution.

PhotoScribe Technologies is part of diamond traceability initiatives with its leading laser technology. Its latest PermaScribe laser inscribes diamonds below the surface, providing an extra level of protection by preventing the removal of the mark without dramatically altering the stone. Each mark offers in-depth information about the diamond or its journey by assigning every stone with a unique and unambiguous identifier.

Inscriptions can be visible or invisible under 10X loupe and inscribed within any area of the faceted diamond. For the lab-grown diamond industry, there’s a need for visible subsurface permanent identification that can be seen through a 10X loupe. At the same time, it would need to be sufficiently small to maintain the gemstone’s beauty. Distinguishing between natural and lab-created diamonds requires specialized equipment and expertise. A diamond with a subsurface PermaScribe could be simply identified with a 10X loupe. In the future, manufacturers may be required to have an inscription identifying their diamonds as lab-grown.

PhotoScribe’s subsurface technology is not only a major part of the solution for diamond tracking but also helps protect against diamond forgery. “Synthetic diamonds and the industry’s increased focus on diamond security have created a demand for an inscription that cannot be removed or altered. We’re excited to bring our subsurface LMFT PermaScribe laser to a broader market to assist our customers and the industry as a whole in combating diamond counterfeit and promoting trust and integrity,” says David Benderly, founder of PhotoScribe Technologies.

PhotoScribe is the leader in diamond laser inscription. Its cutting-edge technology backed by 19 patents will continue to elevate trust in the diamond industry and consumers alike. To contact PhotoScribe for more information, email [email protected].




It’s Going to Set Us Up Very Nicely for Retirement

You’ve worked hard all your life. And if you’re like most jewelers contemplating retirement, you’re hoping that your going-out-of-business sale will add to your nest egg — with minimal complications. That’s exactly what Doug and Jacki Friedrich, fourth-generation owners of Friedrich Jewelers Inc., of Vernon, Conn., experienced when they selected Wilkerson to run their sale. “Jewelers who are contemplating a sale should go with Wilkerson because of their experience,” says Doug. And with financial goals “exceeding expectations,” the couple can now focus on enjoying the next chapter of their lives. “It’s going to set us up very nicely for retirement,” says Jacki. “The money’s coming in and we have no complaints. It’s been wonderful.”

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