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Plum Diamonds Launches Highest Quality Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Jewelry

Environmentally responsible and ethically created through their responsible jewelry certified manufacturing facility.




Plum Diamonds Launches Highest Quality Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Jewelry

(PRESS RELEASE) CHICAGO, IL — Plum Diamonds announces the launch of their direct-to-consumer luxury fine jewelry company that puts quality, sustainability, and ethics at the forefront. Leading the industry in creating the very best in lab grown diamond rings, Plum Diamonds offers an intuitive, modern e-commerce shopping experience for the conscious couple who desire the highest-quality wedding jewelry to stand the test of time.

Founded by female fine jewelry industry veterans, each ring is ethically created with their curated collection of lab grown diamonds at a Plum Diamonds-owned manufacturing facility. With the utmost standards of environmental responsibility, Plum Diamonds exclusively offers responsibly-created lab grown diamonds that are rated the highest in quality, clarity, and color, leveling up to meet the demand for luxury heirloom quality lab rings. Priced starting at $890, the brand gives customers the confidence that their choice will be a beautiful and ethical one that the recipient will love for their lifetime.

“We’ve been helping clients get the ‘Dream Ring’ for decades. We’re all about design that puts the center diamond center stage – with foolproof customization options that don’t go out of style. We craft superior quality lab diamond rings that couples are thrilled to wear now and proud to pass down,” says co-founder Kristy Cullinane. “It’s been exciting to watch lab diamonds eclipse mined diamonds, and we 100% believe that couples get it all when they go with lab-grown. In fact, Plum Diamonds is in a unique spot within the industry, where we control our own supply and manufacturing; unlike many other fine jewelry companies, we know our finished products are from a certified-sustainable and ethical source.”

Through their digital custom ring builder, the Plum Diamonds customer can choose from 11 base ring styles in the most popular cuts, thoughtfully curated by their experienced design team; the results allow each customer to create a thoughtfully curated, foolproof design that’s perfect for the wearer. Starting at $890, settings are available in 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, platinum, and two-tone styles. Each ring is made from alloys that meet the highest standards for quality and sustainability, as well as recycled gold where possible.

Going beyond the industry standards of care, Plum Diamonds offers numerous educational resources to their customers to help them gain knowledge and confidence. Inspired by the in-store process of determining ring and diamond size, Plum Diamonds offers an innovative and resourceful Find Your Diamond Kit. For a $100 refundable deposit, the Find Your Diamond Kit is customized to your preferences of sizing, carat weight and diamond shape, and includes three diamond simulants and a display ring, three ring samples styles, a pro-jeweler approved sizer, and instructions; all delivered straight to your door. After arrival, you have five days to try out the rings and diamond simulants and determine the best ring size, and you will receive a refund for the $100 deposit once the kit is returned. To return, simply use the enclosed prepaid return label – making trying rings from the comfort of your home simple and easy! After making your purchase, each ring is accompanied by a lifetime concierge service that includes an annual “spa treatment” for maintenance, resizing, and polishing of your jewelry.

Plum Diamonds jewelry can be purchased directly here.




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