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Over the Counter

Podcast: Making the World a Better Place in Steps Both Big and Small

No matter what your role in the industry, everybody can do something.




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THIS MONTH in Over the Counter, Kyle Bullock has his mind on the environment.

In the latest episode of his podcast, the owner of Bullock’s Jewelry in Roswell, NM, tells a series of interconnected stories related to efforts big and small to make the jewelry industry more friendly to consumers, local communities and the planet.

These efforts range from the high-profile work of the Diamond Producers Association to promote more responsible diamond mining and production to the almost entirely overlooked efforts of one of Kyle’s own employees, Sherri Clark, who hoards used scraps of paper so they can be re-used in the office.

Kyle asks her why she does this.

“To help the environment,” she says. “And to save money.”

“But paper is cheap!” says Kyle.

“Not to the trees,” Sherri answers.

Can’t argue that. 

The critical message here? Every little bit helps. And no matter what your role in the industry, everybody can do something. Want to know how you can help? Kyle shares some ideas in the podcast.







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