Yellow Gold
Finally Warms Up


From the legend of King Midas to the 24K gold leaf on this writer’s very own iPhone case, humans have been obsessed with gold pretty much forever. And for good reason: its luscious hue, its malleability, the way it warms when worn against the skin — gold offers a lot to love. Nothing says classic luxury more than the gleam of gold.   

Imperial Pearl (ABOVE)

14K gold with Windsor freshwater cultured pearls and diamonds (0.05 TCW).

$1,350, (800) 556-7738

Right Angles Create Unexpected Magic

There’s almost nothing more exciting in design than a well-placed angle: two crisp lines meeting in just the right way, creating an unexpected shape. The art deco era set the bar high for geometric jewelry, but today’s contemporary jewelry holds its own when it comes to clean, sharp, ultra-chic angles. These yellow gold pieces are sleek, interesting, and packed with style.


Barbela Diamond

Taj ring in 14K yellow gold with a sapphire and diamonds (0.09 TCW).

$860, (212) 682-0724

Jo Hayes Ward

Hex Shield ring in 18K yellow gold with white brilliant-cut diamonds (0.20 TCW).

$3,820, +44 (0)7903 521427

Anabel Higgins

Victorian pendant with seed pearls with diamonds, new 18K yellow gold and diamond bale.

$2,800, (626) 484-9914

Amy Glaswand

18K gold earrings with champagne diamonds (0.68 TCW).

$3,900, (917) 754-0001

Shy Creation

14K yellow gold ring with diamonds (0.58 TCW).

$1,280, (213) 623-0860

Imperfect Grace

14K yellow gold and oxidized sterling silver bar necklace set with black rose-cut diamonds.

$680, (734) 612-5672


14K yellow gold double rectangle ring with diamonds (0.50 TCW).

$2,358, (800) 877-7777

Sara Swell

One-of-a-kind 18K yellow gold ring with a 0.85-carat conflict-free rose-cut gray diamond with white diamond accent stones (0.225 TCW).

$2,150, (415) 521-6797

Erika Winters

Hand-engraved 18K yellow gold earrings with French-cut diamonds (0.33 TCW).


Curves Take a Softer Approach

Yellow gold doesn’t need to yell: Sometimes it’s even more memorable when it whispers. These sensual, buttery yellow designs echo the curves of the body; their soft sides and surfaces are a pleasure for the eye to trace or for the finger to stroke. Perfect for sentimental gifts or for comfortable everyday wear.


Sylvie Collection

14K yellow gold pendant with a pear citrine over mother of pearl (doublet) with diamonds (3.00 TCW).

$1,465, (214) 472-9999

InterJewel with Argyle Australian Diamonds

Pendant necklace with 14K yellow gold, champagne Argyle diamonds (0.31 TCW) and white Argyle diamonds (0.32 TCW).

$1,299, (212) 869-7801 

Marathon Collection

14K yellow gold locket with three small silver hearts with space for two photographs inside.

$410, (800) 451-1515

Midas Chain

14K yellow gold chain bracelet with diamond-cut beads.


(877) 643-2765,

Rebecca Overmann

14K yellow gold pendant necklace with rose-cut diamonds (1.29 TCW).

$6,255, (415) 466-2992


Brushtroke ring trio in 18K yellow gold.

$1,785, (800) 225-7782

Martha Seely

Narrow Shooting Stars stacking bracelet in 14K yellow gold with diamonds (1.00 TCW).

$9,500, (617) 899-2162

Armenta Collection

Sueno 18K yellow gold crivelli-bar scroll chain bracelet with white diamonds and white sapphires.

$12,990, (832) 486-9500

Ruta Reifen

Floral band in 14K gold.

$860, (401) 489-4768

This article originally appeared in the January 2017 edition of INSTORE.