19 Reasons Necklaces
Are Hotter Than Ever

From backbone-boosting amulets to clavicle-covering carpets of gems, a necklace is a piece with power.


A necklace hangs front and center, proudly prominent, subject to the rhythm of every breath. A necklace is intimate, immediate. It drapes across the nape of the neck and down to the décolletage; it can be tucked in like a secret or flaunted with pride. A necklace is the closest piece of jewelry to the wearer’s beating heart. 

Rahaminov Diamonds (ABOVE)

Platinum and 18K rose-gold necklace with a fancy brown-ish orangy pink diamond (2.02 TCW).

Price on request

(213) 622-9866, rahaminov.com


Daily Delights

Like an amulet in a fairy tale, the right necklace can help its wearer focus the strength and energy required to take on the challenges of the daily grind. Necklaces are the easiest kind of jewelry to throw on: they require no piercings and they’re almost never the wrong size.



18K white gold necklace with Eternitymark diamond pendant (0.62 TCW).


(877) 772-6676, amoro.com

Dana Kellin

Diamond pavé pendant with gray diamond rondelle beads in 14K gold.


(212) 730-9523, danakellin.com

Ark Fine Jewelry

18K yellow gold pendant with diamonds.


(310) 889-8086, arkfinejewelry.com

Adriatic Jewelry

14K gold necklace with white sapphire dangle.


(201) 458-4393, adriaticjewelry.com

Kristen Dorsey Designs

Black rhodium-plated sterling silver necklace with labradorite and diamonds.


(310) 489-3763, kristendorseydesigns.com


Serpent pendant necklace with ruby eye and emerald charm in oxidized sterling silver with gold.


(573) 590-0827, acanthusjewelry.com

Southern Gates

Cargo mirror link tassel necklace in sterling silver.


(800) 845-6964, southerngatesjewelry.com

Taylor Wilkinson Designs

18K yellow gold vermeil over sterling silver with black pavé diamonds.



Marcia Budet

18K yellow gold necklace with amethyst and diamonds.


(212) 929-0184, marciabudet.com

Evening Events

Is there anything that elevates the mood from mundane to magnificent like the feeling of fastening a glittering expanse of gems around one’s neck? Instant transformation at the catch of a clasp. These necklaces are the ones for the nights to remember.


Yael Designs necklace

Yael Designs

18K two-tone gold with tanzanite (3.15 TCW), topaz (20.80 TCW), sapphires (0.89 TCW), and diamonds (2.57 TCW).


(415) 989-9235, yaeldesigns.com

Haridra yellow gold necklace


18K yellow gold necklace with opals (127.65 TCW) and diamonds (5.75 TCW).


(212) 354-7550, haridrany.com

John Buechner

Platinum necklace with demantoid garnets (78.67 TCW) and diamonds (3.05 TCW).

Price on request

(800) 541-26750, johnbuechner.com

K. Brunini Objects Organique antler necklace

K. Brunini

Objects Organique antler necklace in 18K yellow gold.


(858) 259-8779, kbrunini.com

GiGi Ferranti choker

GiGi Ferranti

Choker in 14K rose gold with diamonds (0.50 TCW).


(718) 251-1614, gigiferrantijewelry.com

Lauren K necklace

Lauren K

18K yellow gold necklace with pink and orange sapphires (8.30 TCW) and diamonds (0.04 TCW).


(212) 719-2067, laurenk.com

Amali Jewelry tanzanite necklace

Amali Jewelry

18K yellow gold necklace with tanzanite.


(213) 840-6050, amalijewelry.com

Estyn Hulbert necklace with pearls

Estyn Hulbert

Necklace with black freshwater pearls on a 14K gold-filled chain.


(347) 596-4080, estynhulbert.com

Daria de Koning necklace

Daria de Koning

18K yellow gold necklace with aquamarine, amazonite, quartz, tourmaline, and apatite.


(310) 873-3236, dariadekoning.com

This article originally appeared in the July 2017 edition of INSTORE.


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