Time After Time

Lindsey Scoggins’ Time collection offers a unique, sentimental take on the ever-popular stacking ring trend. The customizable Time collection rings nestle into each other to form Roman numerals. Sophisticated and subtle, it’s the perfect way to commemorate a date or anniversary of significance. lindseyscoggins.com

14K yellow gold ring stack with diamonds


A Bit of Biltmore

The Biltmore collection from Southern Gates is an elegant homage to one of America’s most iconic architectural landmarks. The stylish sterling silver designs translate Biltmore’s stately grandeur into bite-sized pieces that anyone can wear and enjoy. cargoholdinc.com

Sterling silver pendant necklace 


That’s the Spirit

Prep school chic is a style that’s hard to translate into jewelry, but Jessica Biales has done it. Her Collegiate stripe signet rings come in custom colors to properly show any kind of school pride. This cheerful, insouciant style will appeal to new graduates, alumni, proud parents, and more. jessicabiales.com

Sterling silver and enamel signet ring


Knock Knock

Tarin Thomas’ latest collection gathers inspiration from many sources, from midcentury design to the streets of New York in the late ‘80s. The result is a compelling, unusual array of pieces with a punk rock vibe and of-the-moment androgynous aesthetic. tarinthomas.com

Sterling silver ring with brass


Good Enough to Eat

The Candy Drop collection from Sarah Magid is the technicolor wearable happiness your customers are craving. Vivid hand-painted enamel with sparkling Swarovski crystals and otherworldly silhouettes make these exuberant designs unlike anything you’ve stocked before. sarahmagid.com

Hinged cuff with blue enamel and Swarovski crystals 


This article originally appeared in the February 2018 edition of INSTORE.


“Halfway Through the Sale, We Already Did a Year’s Worth of Volume”

Torin Bales says he was “blown away” by Wilkerson’s results after the company ran his retirement sale. “When you hire a consultant, you have to let them take control,” says the Texas retailer. After all, if you’re like most jewelers, you only retire once. Get the maximum return on your life’s investment. Turn to Wilkerson & Associates and let your new life begin!


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