Beautiful Bezels

Thanks to Lafonn, the utterly chic look of bezel-set jewelry is finally available to consumers of all budgets. The elegant and desirable Monte Carlo collection combines affordable materials and daring design to make the hottest bezel set styles more accessible than ever before.

Platinum bonded sterling silver ring with simulated diamonds (0.95 TCW)


Gorgeous Glass

14K rose gold necklace with diamonds (0.375 TCW) in glass

Bring the enchanting sparkle of diamonds to a whole new audience with the clever designs of Diamonds in Glass. These unique glass settings allow the beauty of diamonds to be showcased in a 360-degree view that also magnifies the subtler shine of smaller stones.


Diamonds Reinvented

18K white gold necklace with diamonds (0.89 TCW)

Rahaminov Diamonds’ Elevated Essentials collection is the breath of fresh air your showcases have been waiting for. This new line aims to update tried and true classics for the modern woman’s jewelry box. Sophisticated, seductive, and simple, these instantly iconic pieces are irresistible.


Spiritual and Stylish

Steel bracelet with golden yellow PVD and goldstone 

The Chakra collection from Brosway is a thoughtfully designed line of easy-to-wear pieces intended to increase mindfulness and serve as a touchstone to the wearer: they’re not just jewelry, they’re amulets to restore energy and reawaken dreams and emotions.


Go With the Flow

Gold-plated silver earrings with pearls 

Flow is the latest covetable collection from Ileana Makri’s lower-priced line, EYE M. The sensual, sinuous lines of the Flow designs — most of which are available in both sterling and gold-plated — are the perfect bold but subtle answer to the fashion world’s current fascination with abstract but wearable statement jewelry.


This article originally appeared in the March 2018 edition of INSTORE. 


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