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Put a Business Card in Every Envelope You Send … and More Tips for Jewelers

Plus, one key security mistake jewelers too often make.




1. Use your business cards. One company directed that every piece of first-class mail sent out include a business card, even the bills they paid! This led to a call from the local electric copmany asking about their product. Another literally tossed his cards in the air at football games when the home team scored. Cards do no good sitting in your desk drawer. Get them out. — Source: Paul Timm, 50 Powerful Ways To Win New Customers

2. Losing the “Yellow Pages” advertising wars? Here’s a deliciously sneaky tip to help level the playing field. Place an advertisement in the local newspaper offering a discount to any customers who cut a competitor’s advertisement from out of the yellow pages and bring it to you. Then, the next time they look for jewelry, the biggest ad on the page won’t be there. — Source: Raleigh Pinskey, 101 Ways To Promote Yourself

3. One common mistake made by jewelers who advertise is to refer to their inventory as “GIA-certified”. Don’t do it — or, chances are, you will quickly find a letter from GIA in your mailbox, telling you to cease and desist and that they do not “certify” diamonds. You can refer to diamonds as having a “GIA Gem Laboratory Grading (or Identification) Report”, but nothing else. — Source: Instore

4. Want great word of mouth? One way to jump-start it is by getting women who own beauty salons to wear your jewelry. They deal with women all day long, and have loads of time to talk about their lives, loves, and best of all, the fantastic jewelry they’re wearing. Start by offering all beauty salon owners in a five-mile radius a very big discount on their next purchase from your store. — Source: Jay Levinson, Guerrilla Marketing

Safe Way: Security Issues to Remember

It’s a fact … most jewelers who do bench work have dirty fingers. And if your jeweler is the one who closes your store, there’s a good chance you might inadvertently be creating a major security risk. How? First, go to your alarm keypad and look at it. Are there dirty smudges on the keys that make up your four “magic numbers”? If so, wash them down, and make sure your jeweler washes his hands thoroughly before locking up each night.

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