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Rediscover the Joy of Life

LoriAnn Jewelry introduces latest collection for the New Year.




(PRESS RELEASE) WESTPORT, CT — Inspirational and meaningful, LoriAnn Jewelry debuts its latest collection for the New Year. Lori’s most recent capsule collections, Harmony, Unity and Confetti, are themes that portray her positive and celebratory outlook on life. The message of her new heartfelt collection called Reflections is to rediscover the joy of life.

There is no better time than now to reflect on where we have been so that we may move forward. Reflections is a personal reminder that we have the power to shine in a world that is sometimes filled with uncertainty. With a newfound sense of renewal, we can feel empowered to manage and respond to life’s challenges.
Rediscover the Joy of Life
Finding beauty in imperfection, the modern organic Reflections Collection features gleaming irregular diamond slices layered with the refinement of bezel set bright white diamonds, set in 14K yellow gold. The magical and mirror-like presence results in sophisticated and chic fine jewelry, emoting positive energy, power and wisdom. Sprinkled throughout is Lori’s signature “line over stone”, a distinctive accent found in all her collections.

Lori notes: “ There are certain gems I feel connected with and they are often my greatest source of inspiration. Diamond slices are very special to me. Like tiny mirrors, they bring light in the world reflecting all that surrounds them. I love the organic beauty of their irregular shapes and interesting patterns making each slice unique and truly one of a kind.”

Modern, youthful and highly energetic, Reflections is all about positive vibes, going with the flow and rediscovering the joy of life in our ever-changing world. Portrayed in a fresh, vibrant, and elegant way, this inspirational collection is designed for versatility and ease of wear.

Lori adds : “I love a gem that is versatile and offers limitless ways to mix and match by the wearer. Reflections is the bridge that perfectly merges my other collections.To celebrate the Spring season, I will be expanding Reflections with pops of color and multiple clusters, adding more wonderment to this beautiful slice of life!”



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