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Robbins Brothers’ Cupid Stars in TikTok Video Campaign

Three-wheeled “Carat Cart” attracts attention.



Robbins Brothers’ Cupid Stars in TikTok Video Campaign
A local talent search led to the discovery of Blanca, the perfect Cupid.

FOR A VALENTINE’S Day promotion, Robbins Brothers dipped a toe in the TikTok waters by hiring “Cupid” to approach couples, singles and groups of friends across Los Angeles and ask them trivia questions about love while engaging them in conversation about their relationships.

The local performer handed out $100 coupons and offered both love and engagement ring advice, which was both comedic and heartfelt, but largely appreciated.

The filming took place over two days in Glendale, CA, in an outdoor mall, as well as in two large parks. Cupid rode around on a branded “Carat Cart,” or three-wheeled bike filled with goodies.

In the process of using TikTok for the first time, Robbins Brothers activated a new audience with the content they filmed and encouraged people to interact with the brand on social media in order to get their own $100 coupon.


The social media promotion, “Cupid on the Street,” was part of their overall marketing strategy for Valentine’s Day, which included traditional media as well.

“As the engagement ring experts, we wanted to go out into the community and engage with real people to understand how they were planning to show love to their significant other, to family or to themselves this Valentine’s Day,” says Kris Land, VP of marketing for Robbins Brothers.

The first important step was finding the perfect Cupid. They wanted their Cupid to be a natural at offering advice about love or the right engagement ring, (like a sister, aunt, best friend or mom) while at the same time making onlookers laugh while filming a random TikTok dance.

Robbins Brothers’ Cupid Stars in TikTok Video Campaign

Instagram posts, along with TikTok videos, reached a wider audience than relying only on traditional Valentine’s Day marketing methods.

They interviewed local talent to try out for the part and found Blanca, whom Land describes as engaging and approachable, a human ray of sunshine. She sparked conversations that ranged from fun and lighthearted to inspirational. Often, as Cupid rode her bike through the park or mall, young children, accompanied by their moms, stopped her, excited to share their plans for Valentine’s Day. “We had one young man start talking about self-love, and how he just wants everyone to be happy. Cupid went over and hugged him, and he teared up. It was very touching,” Land says.

Other participants in conversation were couples on the verge of proposal and engagement ring shopping; women were excited to talk about ring style options and make sure their partner knew what they wanted.

“The social media comments that have turned into conversations for us have been the best part,” Land says.


The campaign launched on TikTok and Instagram on Feb. 1 and continued for two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Users were able to claim their own $100 digital Robbins Brothers coupon (no minimum spend required) by engaging with the brand on TikTok or Instagram and entering their email in the Cupid Coupon link. Results on coupon redemption were to be tracked through April.

Robbins Brothers, headquartered in Azusa, CA, operates 15 retail jewelry stores in California, Texas, Washington, Arizona and online, primarily in the bridal segment.



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