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Rock Candy, Astrology and Bees Are Among the Inspirations for The Latest Jewelry Collections

One collection incorporates actual bee honey inside the gold.




Evocateur bangle
22K gold leaf cuff bracelet with enamel.

Sunflower Solace

To support war-torn Ukraine, Evocateur has created this very special collection of sunflower jewelry. The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine and has been used throughout Ukraine’s history as a symbol of peace. 100 percent of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to Save the Children, which provides aid to the 7.5 million children and their families caught in the crossfire of war.


UNOde50 necklace

Silver-plated necklace with crystal.

Fearless Fashion

UNOde50’s Fearless collection is the answer to the question, “What will your customers be excited about this summer?” This strong, unapologetic, gender-neutral collection of gold- and silver-plated pieces made by
hand with faceted crystals and leather is both on-trend and innovative, with tantalizing textures and bold silhouettes that your stylistically daring customers won’t be able to resist.



14K yellow gold ring with amber, honeycomb, honey, and diamond (0.15 TCW).

Worth the Buzz

The Irthly JEWELLED ADORNMENTS BeeEffect Collection is not your average bee-inspired line of jewelry. These remarkable designs contain actual organic honey, pollen, propolis, and honeycomb encased inside the gold of each striking design. It’s more than a tribute to these remarkable creatures; it includes artifacts of their very work inside the jewels.



Oxidized sterling silver charm with 14K yellow gold.

What’s Your Sign?

Astrological jewelry is a trendy category, but we’re betting you’ve never seen signs quite like this before. Erica Bello’s Organic Astrology is a series of understated but extraordinarily striking charms in oxidized sterling silver, adorned with botanically inspired zodiac signs. Several styles are embellished with 24K gold or diamonds.


Origin 31 ring

18K Fairmined yellow gold earrings with enamel.

Sweet as Sugar

Inspired by the sweets that its designer used to enjoy during seaside vacations as a child, Origin 31’s Rock Candy collection uses bright enamel to create gorgeous swirling rainbows. The designs have simple, easy-to-wear silhouettes that the enamel elevates to kaleidoscopic glory. The collection also uses Fairmined gold, so it’s as responsible as it is delightful.



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