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Sebastian Stan Gives New Meaning to Man Brooch at 2024 Cannes Film Festival

He is dashing in antique Cartier.




SEBASTIAN STAN’S LONGISH hair and bearded face were a rakishly scruffy contrast to his classic tuxedo for his The Apprentice red carpet appearance.

But even more captivating was the Cartier Collection nail brooch in platinum, diamonds and rubies, circa 1926, that he wore on his lapel.

Considering all the floral and multiple brooches that male A-list celebrities have started to wear, it was a more streamlined approach and the perfect jewel for the event. Stan also wore the Cartier Collection Panthère wristwatch in platinum and 18K white gold with diamonds, circa 1993.

But let’s get back to the brooch. The nail has been an iconic motif since Victorian times, when jewelry began to represent sporting interests for both men and women. Equestrian sports became hugely popular and were interpreted into motifs for jewelry, including horseshoes, which also became a symbol of luck. Nails and spurs also appeared in all forms of jewelry in yellow gold with diamond or gemstone accents. When the Edwardian/Belle Epoque and Art Deco periods rolled around, the nails were translated into stick pins and the original man brooch in diamonds and precious stones set in platinum over gold or strictly platinum.

The Cartier brooch that Stan wore reflected the times in which it was designed, and it also fits into today’s jewelry trends for all demographics.


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