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See What Bridal Trend Has Jewelers Most Excited




From stacks to solitaires, rose cuts to princess cuts, platinum to gold, a near-infinite selection of engagement rings exists. But what do you love most? Readers sound off on the death of the halo, the return of the solitaire and more.

  • Love the rose cut/slice diamond engagement ring. Love it because normally they are found in old vintage rings. I also love it because it’s cheap for us and our customers. I look forward to the upgrade business it will someday bring us. — Elizabeth Kittell, Pretty In Patina, Omaha, NE
  • The use of colored stones in bridal jewelry has us giddy. It’s such a fun experience seeing what the customer chooses and how excited they are to give such a unique piece. — Morgan Bartel, Susann’s Custom Jewelers, Corpus Christi, TX

It seems like the independent jeweler is really bouncing back for bridal if you know how to do it. People are using online to look at styles or to educate. I do not feel like I am competing with the Internet like I used to. Also it seems like chain stores are really turning off customers with the fill-out-a-credit-app approach before you look at anything. Michael Kanoff, Michael’s Jewelers, Yardley, PA

  • Brides opting for several rings at once, such as stackable sets. I love that they are no longer afraid to show their individuality! — Tricia Drummond, Drummond Jewelers, Hampton, VA
  • Solitaires are back. I personally take pride in selling a timeless investment piece and not a trendy ring full of melee that will start losing stones in a few years. — Evyn Higgins, Holland’s Fine Jewelry, San Angelo, TX
  • I don’t know if it’s a trend, more so a fact: lesbian couples are the best! Two ladies, two sets of diamond bands. Two sets of bridal jewelry! — Mary Jo Chanski, Hannoush Jewelers, Rutland, VT
  • The death of the halo is coming and I can’t wait! — Laura Sipe, JC Sipe, Indianapolis, IN
  • The almost-end of halos. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. — Elysia Demers, Barnhardt Jewelers, Spencer, NC
  • Hoping the halo craze continues. It’s a great look and can be very affordable. — J. Dennis Petimezas, Watchmaker’s Diamonds & Jewelry, Johnstown, PA
  • Anything that veers away from tiny accent stones. The death of micro-pavé would excite me right now. But until the customers stop wanting it, I will keep carrying it. — Casey Gallant, Stephen Gallant Jewelers, Orleans, MA
  • Wedding bands that don’t match the engagement ring — doing something totally off the wall. — Patty Wedemeier, Elegant Jewelers, Sugar Land, TX
  • Yellow gold is back. Finally! Love it! — Eileen Eichhorn, Eichhorn Jewelry, Decatur, IN
  • Manufacturers that are stepping up their quality game. I’ve specifically seen great work coming out of Reno lately. — Chris Wattsson, Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers, Marquette, MI
  • I love that people are open to non-white metals. I think it’s cool when people wear what they love, what looks good on their skin tone and complements the gemstones they are using. — Karin Benado, Diamonds R Forever, Kennesaw, GA
  • I’m most excited by the trend of vintage looks. And I’m horrified by the trend of basic solitaires. With low margins on bigger diamonds, its hard to make as much on solitaires. And as a designer, I’d prefer a designer solitaire, but the trend toward die-struck six-prong heads makes my head spin. — Dianna Rae High, Dianna Rae Jewelry, Lafayette, LA
  • Solitaires seem to be back but with much larger center stones. It’s always fun to sell those big diamonds, especially when you buy them over the counter to begin with. — Alisha Moore, Toner Jewelers, Overland Park, KS
  • The trend to elongated diamond shapes because it requires greater knowledge, which online sources suck at, so gives us a chance to at least talk about a complete diamond engagement ring sale. — David Blitt, Troy Shoppe Jewellers, Calgary, AB

This article originally appeared in the September 2017 edition of INSTORE.

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