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Selling Design: Jan Brassem




Sales advice for designer jewelry.

[h3]Jan Brassem[/h3]
Managing Director, Brassem Global Consulting

[dropcap cap=CONSUMERS]of designer jewelry fall into two basic categories: Ones who seek your input, and those who want to be left alone. Ultimately, both
will either come to you for information or meet you at the checkout counter.[/dropcap]

My first rule when selling the well-heeled customer who wants to be left alone is “less is more.” Chances are, she knows her styling likes and dislikes. The salesperson doesn’t need to use much selling or coaching — a little goes a long way. As a matter of fact, a conscientious salesperson can be irritating — in the customer’s eyes, anyway — making the sale that much more diffi cult. Don’t be considered pushy.

So here’s what I do. I pretend I’m busy doing something else, (i.e., dusting, arranging, doing paperwork, you get the idea). I am never more than 20 feet away. If the customer is at all interested in a style, you’re ready to help. But, remember, she has to ask the question before you initiate a conversation.

This brings us to the second rule. When selling the wealthier jewelry customer, personal style appeal always trumps salesmanship. If a particular ring or bracelet is
what the customer likes, very little selling is needed, except when a question needs answering.


But, when the customer seems lost by all your designs, it is up to you to take the bull by the horns and probe — question — to fi nd out likes, dislikes, budgets,
personality and anything else that will close the deal. Lead her to a style that you think would fi t her personality and budget. If she turns that down, start over and probe some more. While you’re at it, develop a relationship with her. She could end up being a customer for life.

The upscale luxury customer, whether the quiet type or the curious browser, will demand high quality and excellent service. Be sure to be able describe, in detail, diamond quality, craftsmanship, colored stone coordination, manufacturer, country of origin and the like.

[span class=note]This story is from the July-August 2011 edition of INDESIGN[/span]



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