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Selling Design: Lauren Kulchinsky Levison




Selling Design: Lauren Kulchinsky Levison


Published in the May2012 issue

I love me some Chanel, oh yes, I do. In any city in the world, you can find me drooling over some fantasy confection that Karl Lagerfield had in mind just for me to wear when he designed it (at least, that is what I think). Before I ever try a piece on, I e-mail my trusty Chanel sales associate and ask her if she has what I am coveting at the moment. I know she will not allow me to purchase something that will look dreadful or that just is not right. I also know she will send me a bunch of things to play with in my closet before I commit. Did I mention that my associate lives across the country? So … how is it that I owe allegiance to a woman who sells a brand that I love and that I can get in my home town? She is the brand behind the brand to me. She makes collecting my favorite brand more enjoyable and more personal, and she makes me feel connected to the bigger picture. Do you do this in your store? Don’t rely on only the brand itself to make the sale. If that worked, we’d all be out of business. Don’t be afraid to tell the client if a particular brand isn’t the right fit. Trust is everything. Do rely on the brand’s humanity and inspiration to inspire your customer. Do bring up wonderful stories of how you met the designer and why you feel that he or she is a good addition to the store. Smile. Touch. Man, you’d be surprised. Your clients should always feel while looking at your jewelry that you chose it just for them, and when they love a designer, they should feel that the designer created it just for them. They just want to look “oh so pretty!”

Lauren Kulchinsky Levison, Vice-President, Mayfair Rocks (Woodbury and East Hampton, NY)






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