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Selling Designs: Harry Friedman




To Sell High-End, Think High-End

When considering selling high-end or designer jewelry, we first have to start with the taste level of the salespeople. There is an expression: “Selling from your pocket.” It means it may be difficult to sell something you can’t afford yourself. Sometimes it’s just a matter of education.

Designers are artists, engineers or craftsmen, but they all have a vision to do something different, to express themselves. How a piece is made is important. The materials used are important. Details are important. This separates the best, the originals from the pretenders.

So spend some time learning about the designer or manufacturer. You’ll discover some fascinating stories. Even if the story isn’t necessary to sell a piece, your taste level and appreciation for it will be elevated, and you’ll feel better selling it. Remember, you don’t have to want a particular piece, just understand why your customer would.

But here’s the real kicker: The only true benefit to buying high-end or designer pieces is how they make you feel. One way or another, we all dream of owning nice things. Men get shaky knees looking at a Ferrari. Women drool over a pair of Jimmy Choos. This desire for nice things has been around since the first logo on a loincloth.

Women feel better sporting a 2-carat ring than a 75-pointer, period. Better clothes make you feel better, and it’s fun to drive a really nice car. No one needs any of it. But we all like to feel good. So don’t unconsciously prevent customers who have a lot of money and don’t mind spending it from doing just that!


Harry J. Friedman, former owner of several successful retail chains, is an international retail authority, consultant, best selling author and speaker. For more information, visit



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