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An In-Person Look at This Ethically Sourced
Gemstone Is a Vital Step in Making the Sale

Sam Delijani &
Maggie Moore

Owners, deBebians Fine Jewelry in Los Angeles, CA


oissanite’s story is amazing:
A wonderfully sexy product that has all of the beauty, allure and rarity of diamonds — without the messy parts. But according to new research, showing a potential customer the gem is all that’s needed to make the sale.

The research, presented by Charles & Colvard’s research agency, Thirdside Solutions, shows that potential and existing moissanite customers are extremely enthusiastic about the product:

  • Of the existing customers, 80% are repeat buyers and own more than one piece of jewelry containing the gem.
  • Even if money were no object, many would choose moissanite over diamonds.
  • Buyers learn about it from a friend, online or on a jewelry shopping network show.
  • Still, more people would buy if they could see it in person first.

“We know moissanite sells, and sells well,” says Sarah Williams, vice president of marketing and branding at Charles & Colvard. “The key is to get it in front of the customer. Do this, and we know the experience will be a success.”

Nathalie Betito
Owner & designer, Venazia Haute-Couture Collections, Miami, FL

deBebians Fine Jewelry in Los Angeles, CA, is experiencing that success. Owners Maggie Moore and Sam Delijani brought moissanite onboard a little over a year ago and it surpassed their expectations.

“We have a large inventory of loose diamonds, but we also offer any of our rings with a moissanite center,” Moore says. That option proved to be incremental to their diamond sales, creating a nice sales category of its own, which they’re expanding with moissanite studs and solitaire pendants.

For Venazia Haute-Couture Collections in Miami, FL, moissanite has been much more than a niche since 2001.

“I love the glamour of old Hollywood, but to recreate that look with diamonds is cost prohibitive,” says owner and designer Nathalie Betito. “When I saw moissanite, I knew I could create the exceptional looks I wanted.”

“Eighty percent of my first time customers will buy another piece of moissanite jewelry within two to three months,” says Betito, who recently sold out many moissanite designs during a March appearance on Evine Live where she represented Charles & Colvard.

“Many of my customers are women over 40 and they want to upgrade their engagement ring with an impressive 3- to 4-carat ring.” Thanks to moissanite, “the ring of their dreams becomes a reality.”