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Send Birthday Cards to Jewelry You Sold a Year Ago … and More Great December Tips

“Tell your mom Barbara hello!”





Send A Card

Here’s an idea from David Geller that you could be doing right now to get last year’s holiday customers into your store again this year. Send birthday cards to the jewelry you sold last year at this time. Write something like: “Happy Birthday, emerald ring. You’re one year old and were created at Smith’s Jewelers. Come in for a free bath and polish in honor of your first birthday. Tell your mom Barbara hello!”


Pay For Happiness

There are many different ways to compensate your sales team. But one of the most innovative is the approach taken by the Walser Automotive Group in Hopkins, MN. Sales associates don’t receive straight salaries, and they don’t work on commission. Instead, their pay is based on measured levels of customer satisfaction. Could you work out a similar system for your jewelry store?


Word That Works

If your ad copy is sounding old, dull and tired, we’ll give you one a one-word vitamin perscription. “Ridiculously.” Really. Just about everything sounds better when prefaced with the word “ridiculously.” Ridiculously low prices! Ridiculously cool products! Ridiculously great service! Try it. We think you’ll find it … ridiculously effective.



Interview Outside

Where do you conduct job interviews? You might get better results doing it outside of your office, says Harvey Mackay, author of the best-selling business book We Got Fired … And It’s the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Us. Says Mackay: “If they are golfers, I’ll play with them; if they are bowlers, I’ll go bowling. If they like the opera, I’ll take them to the opera. I want to see them in a different territory.”


Send Staff Out

If you’re a young store and don’t yet have a standout salesperson on your team, a good way to help create one is by sending staff members to other stores to watch their great salespeople in action. Have a relationship a non-competing retailer with great salespeople in your state or region? Write a letter to them, starting with “Hey, I’d like to ask you for a really big favor …”


Test Candidates

Another good job interview idea from Selling Power magazine is to have a little accident. Tip over a trash can, or spill a cup of coffee on your desk. If the job candidate immediately leaps up to help … well, then they have cleared another hurdle in the interview process.



Your Logo Here

If you sell clothing with your store’s logo on it, why not give customers an incentive to wear it? A 10% discount on any purchase made while wearing your store’s shirt will do the trick, says Kelly Mooney, author of The Ten Demandments.


Know Who to Call

Want a formula for offering charity that will really impact the community in which you live? At Internet software provider, the company uses the “one percent” formula — one percent of company profits, one percent of company equity, and one percent of employee hours all go to the communities it serves.


Don’t Stop Moving

As one year ends, and you start to plan for the next, here’s an inspirational little nugget to consider from Will Rogers: “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

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Wilkerson Testimonials | Zadok Master Jewelers

Stick to the Program — And Watch Your Sales Grow

When Zadok Master Jewelers in Houston, Texas, decided to move to a new location (they’d been in the same one for the 45 years they’d been in business), they called Wilkerson to run a moving sale. The results, says seventh-generation jeweler Jonathan Zadok, were “off the charts” in terms of traffic and sales. Why? They took Wilkerson’s advice and stuck to the company’s marketing program, which included sign twirlers — something Jonathan Zadok had never used before. He says a number of very wealthy customers came in because of them. “They said, ‘I loved your sign twirlers and here’s my credit card for $20,000.’ There’s no way we could have done that on our own,” says Zadok. “Without Wilkerson, the sale never, ever would have come close to what it did.”

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