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Shane Decker: Give an Awesome Experience




On Sales Strategies: Give an Awesome Experience


Published in the February 2012 issue

Exceed every customer’s expectations.

Clients today have greater expectations than ever before. And while we build beautiful stores, install millions of dollars in inventory and spend a small fortune on our advertising, none of this alone will exceed expectations. What will wow clients is an out-ofthis- world sales team.

Your attitude should be that your job is to give customers an awesome experience they can’t get anywhere else. You can do that by not just meeting but blowing the doors off of their expectations. Here are a few of today’s clients’ expectations:

1 Your time, whether it’s 30 minutes or three hours, even if they’re buying a bead.

2 They want you to have product and GIA knowledge. Knowledge is power, and knowledge builds your self-confidence, which in turn raises the client’s confidence in your ability to take care of him.


3 Professionalism. Our professionalism has to discredit the professionalism of the last presenter if the customer has been somewhere else. It should be your goal to be the most professional salesperson in your community.

4 Your opinion. They’ll ask, “Which one do you like the best?” And they’ll trust your judgment.

5 Passion for our product and a love of what we do. Passion is a love for someone or something that is so strong that others can feel it.

6 That you listen to them. This makes them feel important. You do this by asking relationship and selling-specific questions.

7 Warranties and guarantees. Men buy peace of mind.

8 Service. Change batteries, do appraisals, and take in repairs with the same enthusiasm as you would when selling a $5,000 item. They’re leaving a family treasure with you. Treat it that way.


9 Quality products, fair prices, and no pre-judging his buying power. Always assume the client can buy anything he wants.

10 Your undivided attention. No interruptions, no phone calls, no leaving to help someone else.

11 World-class friendliness.

12 They want to feel like the most important person to walk in all day.

13 A smile — one of the most

powerful sales tools you have.


If you can deliver on all these, you will not only close a sale,but create a customer for life!

See Shane Decker as part of the “Monsters of Sales” seminar series at The SMART Jewelry Show April 21-23 in Chicago. (Conference begins April 20.)

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