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Shane Decker & Gn Diamond Present: Diamonds: A Third Quarter Report




This webinar is all about news, analysis and market info from the 2024 trade shows. Like other markets, the diamond market changes from year to year as supply, demand and consumer trends impact prices. This year, with lab-grown diamonds now a part of the mix, there’s even more of a need to know what the market has in store. It impacts the way you will do business: What should you stock? How will you sell? What’s the best way for my store to turn a profit? In this webinar, sales trainer Shane Decker and GN Diamond CEO Asaf Herskovitz talk about the latest developments in the diamond market. Fresh on the heels of the industry’s shows, they’ll tell you what they heard from retailers and diamantaires from around the country and the world. Even if you couldn’t attend any of the summer shows, this webinar will give you vital information on the state of the diamond market and what you can expect in the coming months.



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