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Shane Decker

Shane Decker: When Closing, Get Clued In

Last month, Decker said to listen with your eyes and close with finesse. Here are more tips to help do that.




THERE ARE NO SURE things when it comes to body language, but knowing these clues and acting within the 30-second window they often provide, can dramatically improve your close rate. (Part 1 of this series ran last month.)

Clue 10: A couple looks at each other, then the item. He’s looking intently at her and reading everything she says with her eyes. Look at her and ask her these questions: “Do you love it?” “Yes.” “Is this the one you want to wear every day of your life?” “Yes.” “Is this the one you want to wear leaving here today?” “Yes.” Now you don’t have to say a word; he heard three yes’s.

Clue 11: Your client suddenly leans in. This means “let’s make it private, I don’t want everyone in here to know how much I’m spending.” It’s time for the whisper close.

Clue 12: My favorite!  A couple is sitting. The lady puts her hand on the man’s thigh. If he hasn’t got the message, she squeezes. That means, “Right now, stupid!” If he doesn’t buy it, he’s dead.  Close it now, based on your style.

Clue 13: You have a couple standing. If the man takes his left hand and puts it around her waist, it means they’re leaving (you better get someone in there quick and T.O. it).   If he puts his right hand on her back or shoulder, he loves it.  Use him to help close her: “Do you like it on her?” “Oh yeah, she looks beautiful with it.”

Clue 14: Your client moves to a more comfortable seated or standing position. They’ve just justified the cost in their mind. They’re ready to buy. Time to close.


The man starts tapping on the showcase or jingling coins in his pocket. That means hurry up and close it.

Clue 15: He’s a research junkie, and he’s seen it for the same price on the Net. When there’s no objection to price, close right away.

Clue 16: The head scratchers, cheek strokers, and chin grabbers. What is he thinking about?  Ask! “I can tell by the way you’re looking at that, you’re thinking about something.”  (But don’t raise the issue of price: he’ll think you’re pre-judging his ability to buy it.)  Find out what he’s thinking about and close it.

Clue 17: The man starts tapping on the showcase or jingling coins in his pocket. That means hurry up and close it. “Enough talk,” he’s saying to you. “I want to pay for it.”

Clue 18: The lady tries on several items, and suddenly the man points at one. That’s the one he wants to get her.  If she keeps going back to the one he pointed at, that means they’re in agreement.

Clue 19: The client is torn between two items and asks, “Which one do you like?” Always like the one she is leaning toward. Don’t lie, but if there’s one you’ve romanced more and you can tell she likes it, pick it and close it. is


This story is from the May 2010 edition of INSTORE. 

Shane Decker has provided sales training to more than 3,000 jewelry stores. Shane cut his teeth in jewelry sales in Garden City, KS, and sold over 100 1-carat diamonds four years in a row. Contact him at [email protected].



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