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Rediscover that loving feeling once again for a successful selling season.

[dropcap cap=I]t’s a season of traditions. Basting turkeys, buying trees, stringing popcorn, sending cards, etc, etc. And we at instore have a tradition of our own for our November issue:  providing you with smart, actionable advice at the time you most need it. [/dropcap]

That means a package of holiday selling information you can analyze and absorb quickly, and put into action right away if you so decide. Now is not the time for long-term planning and big projects. But it’s the perfect time to make significant, small changes in the way you sell and serve.

This year’s lead story is an excellent example of what we try to do. In our “Smooth Sellers Summit,” we bring together 10 of the country’s top jewelry salespeople to share their advice and insights on making the most of the year’s biggest selling season.

One thing that’s absolutely clear from all our Smooth Sellers is that they love their work. The pleasure that they take in selling jewelry is evident. And while there’s a ton of useful advice in this story, the real lesson is that success comes from loving your work.


If you’ve lost that loving feeling, or even temporarily misplaced it, now’s the time to find it. Try some rituals that will help bring back your enthusiasm. Watch your favorite jewelry-related movie. Call old customers who you’ve been happy to serve in the past. Or read a book that inspires you to take positive actions. (The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz worked for me).

Find your enthusiasm. And have a happy selling season!

Wishing you the very best business,

David Squires

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