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Shelly Purdy’s New Line of Canada-Inspired Men’s Wedding Bands Plays By the Golden Rules




Designer Shelly Purdy has released a Canada-themed collection for Maple Leaf Diamonds.

(PRESS RELEASE) TORONTO, Canada —  It’s bridal season and there’s an abundance of engagement ring and wedding band styles to suit the taste of brides everywhere. But what about the grooms-to-be? Men’s wedding bands seem almost an afterthought amid the excitement of preparations for the big day, which is why the Seasons Collection by Shelly Purdy for Maple Leaf Diamonds™ is putting the spotlight on gents with its line of Canadiana-inspired rings.

From depictions of the sturdy maple tree to a soothing rippling stream, this new line of men’s wedding bands celebrates experiences and textures inspired by life in Canada, even our national obsession, hockey. Crafted from 14-karat Canadian Certified Gold, each ring features a Canadian Maple Leaf Diamond either on the top of the band or inside it, reinforcing the Canadian theme and literally incorporating a part of Canada into each piece. The collection is also timely as it coincides with Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

“When I decided to create a unique, nature-inspired collection for Maple Leaf Diamonds, I wanted to capture not only the natural beauty of the seasons in Canadian diamonds and rose, yellow, and white gold, but also the essence of what we experience every day in Canada,” says Toronto designer Shelly Purdy. “Designing a ring for a man is a unique process; I wanted to offer a selection of wedding bands that men can relate to on a personal level. Inspiration for the collection comes from morning hockey practices, fishing trips with the boys, trekking in the woods with family, and weekends at the cottage. Each ring captures a glimpse of Canada that will always stay with the groom. And they are bride-approved, which is important.” 

The collection follows Shelly’s five rules for designing men’s rings:

  1. Personal stories—The wedding bands highlight the best of Canada’s natural landscape, culture, or shared experiences, appealing to grooms on a personal level.
  2. Comfort—Each band in the collection is rounded on the inside, maximizing their comfort when worn (and giving a groom no excuse not to wear one).
  3. Textured surface—Most men prefer the casual look of matte finishes and naturally rugged textures over a traditional shiny band.
  4. Durability—Men want to work hard and play hard in a band designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear.
  5. Timeless—The personal stories each band represents gives them an enduring quality, making them classic pieces for a lifetime. 

Each season in the men’s collection features two bands. Spring’s Birch Bark Wedding Band pays homage to the familiar sight of this captivating tree found in Canada’s parks and wilderness, while the Rippling Stream Band calls to mind afternoons spent fishing. Summer’s Beaver Tail celebrates Canada’s national symbol, while the Driftwood Band conjures memories of a fallen branch tumbled smooth by the eroding force of water. Autumn’s Barn Board Wedding Band evokes the idea of withstanding the elements, while the Maple Bark Wedding Band is strong and true, a fitting symbol for the bond it represents. Winter’s Quilted Down ring is a reminder of countless days spent in the chilly outdoors enjoying a favourite wintertime activity, while the Hockey Tape Wedding Band speaks to the heart of Canadians, igniting their dreams of greatness in sports. The rings are also available in 18-karat Canadian Certified Gold, 18-karat Pure White™, and platinum.


The Seasons Collection can be seen online at and is available at select Maple Leaf Diamonds™ retailers across North America and the United Kingdom.

Designs from Shelly Purdy’s Season’s Collection of men’s wedding bands.


Shelly Purdy is a Toronto-based jeweller and an advocate of Canadian diamonds. Her work is uniquely Canadian and internationally recognized. Most notably, she won the De Beers Diamonds Today Award and was a featured designer in Rio Tinto’s ‘Diamonds with a Story’ campaign, highlighting Canada’s Diavik Diamond Mine. The exclusive designer for Maple Leaf Diamonds’ Seasons Collection, Shelly celebrates in her designs all that is Canadian: the delicate buds of Spring, sparkling Summer lakes, earthy Autumn forest trails, and the beauty of Winter’s gently falling snow. Shelly designs and manufactures from her boutique jewellery studio in downtown Toronto. 


Maple Leaf Diamonds™ was launched in 2001 to meet increasing consumer demand for Canadian diamonds. The diamonds are sourced from both the Ekati and Diavik Diamond Mines, located in the  Northwest Territories. Each diamond is laser-engraved with a tracking number and the Maple Leaf insignia. This allows each stone to be traced from the mine through all the stages of the manufacturing process, ensuring the diamond is certified to be of Canadian origin. Every Maple Leaf Diamond™ also comes with an individual Certificate of Origin bearing its unique tracking number. Maple Leaf Diamonds™ jewelry is available at select jewelers in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.




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